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Ed Hazebroek

124-Bubo-poensis Antwerpen2

Frasers eagle-owl omstreeks 1990

124-Bubo-poensis Antwerpen2
Ed Hazebroek, 22 Aug 2017
    • TeaLovingDave
      I am extremely pleased to discover that you have uploaded a photograph of this taxon, along with all the other unusual owl species you have now uploaded to the gallery.

      This species is quite a recent loss from European collections - the last individual having passed away at Olmen Balen in 2012 - but until you uploaded this photograph and the older one taken at Wassenaar there were no images of the species within the Zoochat gallery.

      As such I would be very interested to hear more about how you came by these photographs!
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    Ed Hazebroek
    22 Aug 2017
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