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Giant Eland

2013: Shadow Nursery

MacNeill's deer (Cervus wallichii macneilli)

2013: Shadow Nursery
Giant Eland, 24 Aug 2013
    • Giant Eland
      MacNeill\'s deer (Cervus wallichii macneilli)
    • ThylacineAlive
      What are all the specie in the background? I believe i see an Emu and possibly some Domestic Pigs.

    • ungulate nerd
      @Thylacine Alive, domestic pigs and Emu are exactly what you are looking at behind the MacNeills deer, but I also see far in the background what looks like two male deer probably Altai wapiti or Bactrian wapiti X MacNeills deer, as far as I know Shadow Nursery doesn't have full blood Altai wapiti and they don't have male MacNeills deer either

      Also going back to the MacNeills deer, Shadow Nursery got theirs from the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo got them from a Chinese zoo during the Jim Dolan years

      @baboon, do you know if any zoo in china still has them ?
    • Giant Eland
      I thought they did, as long as the ones from San Diego were full blood, then these are.
    • ungulate nerd
      Sorry I meant to say Bactrian wapiti, not Altai
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    Giant Eland
    24 Aug 2013
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