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Africa - Antelope Exhibit

Africa - Antelope Exhibit
geomorph, 17 Oct 2009
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    • geomorph
      Do you like this picture? View it to save it from the automatic purging program for the photo gallery that is now in place.
    • Kudu21
      Wow, that is a beautiful view. Hopefully Columbus's and Cincinnati's savannahs look close to this good!
    • KCZooFan
      Its about 17 acres and houses scimitar-horned oryxes, springbok, common elands, and lesser kudu.
    • Kudu21
      Interesting mix. I guess it doesn't matter, I mean the exhibit is just as wonderful, but I'd love for zoos to make their savannahs and African sections more geographically based like SDWAP's are. I mean oryx from North Africa, lesser kudu from East Africa, springbok from Southern Africa, and eland who live almost every where in sub-Saharan Africa? It just seems odd to me, but an average zoo visitor would not take notice to this.

      Seventeen acres? Wow, that's quite large. Columbus is planning for their African Savannah to be 70 acres, and they have a lot of money to work with, so exhibits of this size and quality should be obtainable.
    • KCZooFan
      Well, its part of the 95 acre Africa exhibit, and can be seen from several points. Yes, the antelopes aren't geographically correct, but the zoo isn't like San Diego, they don't have tons of money and resources. They're lucky enough to have the antelope they have. And most people have no idea at all where they're from. I don't think the animals care either, as the oryxes have had many offspring. Also, when it was opened in 1995, it was the largest zoo exhibit in the country (or so I've been told).

      That seems hard to beleive. Is it going to be at the zoo, or a different site.
    • Ituri
      ....and they won't learn it here or at most zoos for that matter, it simply reinforces people's perceptions about this mythical, homogenous, singular place called "Africa". :cool:
    • animalman
      I think they should get more giraffes and zebras and also get small herds of Cape Buffalo and Wildebeest.
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