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Asian Lion exhibit at Prague, 24/05/10

Asian Lion exhibit at Prague, 24/05/10
Maguari, 2 Jun 2010
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    • Maguari
      Pleasant but not especially large.
    • Baldur
      Still enough for animals that sleep or doze for most of the day. Lions don't need any great space if they don't have to hunt, and in zoos they needless to say don't have to.
    • Maguari
      Indeed - I certainly wouldn't say it was too small, but it has a little bit of the same problem as Munich's or the old exhibit at Antwerp - the desire to use a water moat barrier has left the actual lion space a little restricted, in a way a mesh fence or glass windows wouldn't. Not problematically, though - certainly not as badly as the old Antwerp one.
    • Baldur
      True, but I think the three exhibits you mentioned are breeds of three different decades and different schools of thought accordingly:

      a) Munich - mid-1990s
      b) Antwerp mid-1970s
      c) Prague early to mid-2000 (wasn't this exhibit built after the floods?)
    • Jana
      The big cat house at Prague was opened for the public in 1991, including this lion exhibit. But its contruction started already in 1983 - it took 8 years due to lack of material and resources generally in the then depleted and slowly dying planned economy. The plans for this house are probably even older, considering the tedious and inflexible decision-making processes of that time. So you can call it a "child" of 1970s or maybe even 1960s.
    • JigerofLemuria
      When I visited, the moat was dry, giving the lions more land to roam. Still, I'd say maybe yhey should optimize the tiger enclosures as lion enclosures too, since they already have another tiger enclosure in the high area.
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