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Barasingha herd

Rucervus duvaucelii branderi, Barasingha Barasingha & Blackbuck mixed exhibit May 2009

Barasingha herd
Orycteropus, 16 Apr 2010
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    • Orycteropus
      Rucervus duvaucelii branderi, Barasingha

      Barasingha & Blackbuck mixed exhibit

      May 2009
    • Pertinax
      Do you know if these are really the Central Indian race 'Branderi'. Most Swamp deer in zoos are he Northern race. Do they say they are 'Branderi' in their information?
    • Orycteropus
      According ISIS these animals are Rucervus duvaucelii branderi, and simply Cervus duvaucelii on theirs signage in the zoo.
    • Pertinax
      Port Lympne's original Swamp deer came from somewhere like East Berlin and were almost certainly of the Northern race. They built into a very large herd(100++) which has now 'disappeared' (tiger food?) This small group of about 8 in the main Park seem to be the only ones they have now. Not sure if they are a remnant from the previous large herd (duvauceli)- or a different group (branderi?). Or perhaps is it innaccurate recording?
    • johnstoni
      tiger food?
    • Maguari
      Some of the Barasingha herd went to West Midland Safari Park.

      As for the rest...

      EDIT: Just realised that reads as if I knew what happened to the rest, which I don't. But I wouldn't rule out tiger food.
    • Pertinax
      I can't find anyone who knows what happened to the very large herd of Swamp Deer that were at Port Lympne. AFAIK there are none in the 'Safari Experience' area which is were I think they used to be, they aren't listed for it anyway. Now just the 8 or so in this photo which is one of the paddocks in the main park.

      Hence my query as to whether they are a leftover from the previous big herd- or a fresh import of genuine 'branderi'- the Central Indian race of Swamp Deer. I can't see PL importing a new 'race' so I very much suspect it is the former, not the latter and that they therefore represent the Northern race Duvauceli, not the very much rarer Branderi..

      As to the suggestion of 'Tiger Food' it seems to me the likeliest outcome...;) if they had nowhere else that wanted them.

      I know that one group were sent to West Midlands but that would not account for all of the original large number which were at Port Lympne.

      To my knowledge the Woburn/Whipsnade line of these deer has not been refreshed by outcrossing with ones from the East Berlin/Port Lympne source. Whipsnade's (and probably Woburn's) are nowadays very inbred. I believe Knowsley SP now has some from Whipsnade too- so maybe if West Midlands and Knowsley exchanged a few, the two lines would finally meet.
    • johnstoni
      I just wondered if you knew anything. I think it is more widespread than most zoos will admit.
    • Pertinax
      No. Just an educated guess. I wouldn't blame them for it though it might be regarded as a drastic measure with such a large herd, if that is what really happened.
    • Pertinax
      Still trying to discover if these are really the Central Indian(hard ground) race of the Barasingha, also known as Brander's deer, as listed on ISIS?

      Did PL get rid of their large herd of Northern Barasingha and replace them with this new group, or are these leftover from their previous stock?

      PL's website says they have '80 Barasingha at the park'- ISIS says 11 (whose right?) but doesn't differentiate between the two races.
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