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Black Lion Tamarin at Bristol 19/12/09

[i]Leontopithecus chrysopygus[/i]

Black Lion Tamarin at Bristol 19/12/09
Maguari, 20 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      Leontopithecus chrysopygus
    • Arizona Docent
      Whoa - I've seen the golden ones and golden-headed ones, but I did not know there is a black lion tamarin. That is beautiful.
    • Maguari
      There is a fourth as well - Black-faced (L. caissara) - sort of an inverted Golden-headed but not kept anywhere outside South America that I'm aware of.

      Black Lion Tamarins are one of my favourites; they're also kept at Chester, Belfast and Jersey, and a scattering of places across the rest of Europe. Also called Golden-rumped - they have a variable amount of golden fur on their backside!
    • eduardo_Brazil
      There are no L. caissara in captivity in Brazil and for sure not outside Brazil!
    • Maguari
      Thanks Eduardo - I had a feeling that was the case but wasn't sure! :)
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    20 Dec 2009
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