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Budorcas taxicolor tibetana & Macaca mulatta

Male takin Benny and rhesusmacaques in Blijdorp, Rotterdam zoo

Budorcas taxicolor tibetana & Macaca mulatta
Trebaruna, 4 Apr 2008
    • Trebaruna
      Male takin Benny and rhesusmacaques in Blijdorp, Rotterdam zoo
    • Sun Wukong
      They don't have this combination any longer, do they?
    • Trebaruna
      Oh yes the combination still exists. Always very interesting to see the interaction between them. Now there are 4 macaques and 1 takin.
    • Orycteropus
      Approx. 6-7 yeras earlier this combination was completed with a third species, with Common gorals. There were some problems due to the Gorals (and later the Takins, too) chased the monkeys. It was resulted an accident, when one monkey died. I don’t know the exact date when the Gorlas were removed out this exhibit.

      I have knowledge only two further mixed exhibit with Takins: Takin & Chinese muntjac at San Diego Zoo. This combination was not succesful and the species had to be separated, because the Takins always chased the Muntjacs and tried to trample on them.
      (The other is the example from Antwerp Zoo in the gallery)

      Trebaruna, what kind of interactions did You observe between the species at Blijdorp? If I know correctly it is rather small exhibit, around 300 square metres … or not?
    • Trebaruna
      The gorals were red gorals. Unfortunately they diddn't get along very well with the takins. One goral was killed by a takin (perforated in the stomach area by the horns i believe).

      In antwerp the takins (mishmi) live together with hymalayan thars. I can't think of other combinations with takins either.

      You're right the enclosure in blijdorp isn't very big; But because of the large mountain in the middle the animals can get out of eachothers sight etc very good. Most of the time they leave eachother alone, but it's clear that the rhesusmacaques always keep their distance. When the takin is on the move they keep him in sight and move away if the comes to close. And somtimes you can see something like in this picture ;) Here the takin was deliberately following the monkeys. Some years ago i saw a monkey ride an immature takin. So they seem to get along fine.
    • Sun Wukong
      Yeah, I heard about the problem with the red gorals-that's why I was surprised to see that the Takin-Monkey combination still exists.

      The quite successful combination of Mishmi takins & Reeve's Muntjacs can be observed at Tierpark Hellabrunn, Munich. Additionally, various waterfowl have access to this exhibit, too.
    • Orycteropus
      Takin & Rhino

      A new combi with Takins in Nyíregyháza Zoo (HU): Mishmi Takin & Indian Rhino mixed exhibit.

      Photo from: Szabolcs Online
    • baboon
      But takins can become very dangerous under some circumstances~~ A researcher had told me how he was forced to jump down the cliff by a takin in China wild~~ In fact, takin can be one of the top dangerous species in China's wild, along with wild yak and Asian elephant.
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