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butterflies on pineapple slices

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butterflies on pineapple slices
Chlidonias, 14 May 2014
    • PAT
      I read the title of this photo as 'butterflies on pineapple slice' and thought the keepers must have been doing some baking for the butterflies.

      Also, how popular is this attraction? And it seems to have a lot of non-butterfly residents, are the butterflies still the main attraction?
    • Chlidonias
      I think it probably originally opened as just the butterfly and insects. The entrance lay-out is pretty weird, where after buying your ticket at the entrance you then view a lot of lizards and some aviaries before entering the gift shop which is the start and finish point for the whole rest of the park. The impression I got was that the gift shop was the original entrance (from where you go straight to the butterfly walk-through) and the lizards and aviary area was a later addition in the front.

      It does seem popular, I don't know what the main attraction inside would be because it now seems fairly evenly divided between butterflies and reptiles (hence, I guess, why it now called the Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Park).

      Suffice to say I would be pleased to own this place myself, and there's not many collection in Asia I would say that about.
    • PAT
      Thanks for the quick reply. It does look quite nice from your photos.
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    14 May 2014
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