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Childrens Zoo - Black Bear Exhibit

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Childrens Zoo - Black Bear Exhibit
geomorph, 18 Jun 2010
    • Taccachantrieri
      I love all of the plants used in this exhibit, but what's with that odd looking cement apparition rising out of the center of the exhibit?
    • geomorph
      It is a rather clumsy attempt at a stump, isn't it? I do not remember if it looked better from the different angle of another viewing area or not.
    • Arizona Docent
      That looks like a premiere exhibit - I can't believe it is in the childrens zoo.

      (Not that I don't like kids - I really do - but usually childrens zoos have smaller animal exhibits so they can see the animals up close).
    • Blackduiker
      Rather impressive looking, minus the ugly stump thing.
    • Zooplantman
      I wonder whether that stump (which I can almost see as a very weathered old juniper except for the way it comes to a point) is really disguising an enrichment feeder. All those holes may have a purpose.
    • Mastifflvr
      It is an enrichment tree. It has a heated platform at the front, stairs at the back and plenty of nooks and crannies to place enrichment items.
    • Cat-Man
      Seems pretty clever - and I don't think it looks particularly bad, either!
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