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Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo
mstickmanp, 27 Jul 2008
    • Jaguar
      How many different viewing areas are there for this exhibit? I like the fact the the terrain is rugged, and there is privacy for the chimpanzees. Good job on the foliage as well.
    • mstickmanp
      There is one small window to the left, one dry moated in the middle, and one large window view to the right.
    • snowleopard
      The chimps have rugged terrain, lots of rocky outcrops to sit on, a refreshing waterfall for California's scorching summers, trees, a termite mound, climbing structures...add it all up and this large habitat is truly excellent. However, the gorillas and orangutans at the zoo are left with ultra-expensive but essentially crappy exhibits that are not even close to being amongst the best of their kind.
    • Ituri
      I'm curious you didn't criticize the lack of climbing structures? Chimpanzees are more arboreal than gorillas are they not?
    • reduakari

      I agree with Ituri, and believe that most of the criticisms you (rightfully) heap upon the Campo Gorilla "Forest" apply equally to this Chimp exhibit. I must admit, however, that in the several years since I've visited, the vegetation in the Chimp area has grown in rather nicely. For many years after it opened, it looked just like the gorilla exhibits do now. But in neither exhibit is there a canopy, and climbing opportunities are limited to badly-made concrete lumps ("rocks"). But perhaps in the Southern California sun (with ample irrigation) the gorilla exhibit may eventually become a bit more lush than it has started out to be--surprisingly the chimp exhibit has actually improved with age (based on your photos).
    • snowleopard
      The chimp exhibit is far more lush than the gorilla field, and the rocks and an area by the termite mound(s) make for a little bit of a hilly area for the chimps. There is still a definite lack of climbing areas, and the Los Angeles Zoo is brutal for primates. Several monkey, lemur and gibbon species are in those god-awful C-shaped cages with little to no height in the exhibits. The orangutans and gorillas have what I and others perceive as disappointing enclosures...and that leaves the chimp exhibit as the best of the bunch.
    • mweb08
      I agree with those guys that the chimp exhibit, while good, needs more climbing structures.

      I also think that some of those C-shaped cages for monkeys are actually pretty decent for many of them, although not very nice to look at. Some are taller than others, but all have a lot of climbing structures, and much more horizontal space than a lot of monkey cages, including at the SD zoo. I'll take any of there monkey exhibits well over the monkey/ape exhibits that are near the bear exhibits at SD.
    • mstickmanp
      I agree, I've been inside some of the C-shaped cages and they are bigger than what they appear to be.
    • Blackduiker

      The Colobus, Red-crowned Mangabey and Spider Monkey exhibits are probably the best there for monkeys.
    • mstickmanp
      I agree, but don't forget the Coquerel's Sifaka exhibit.
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