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Dahler Zoo- Planet Zoo project

Been working on this since the game came out. Super proud of it. 372 Species. 11 Sections. 50.7 Acres. Download:

Dahler Zoo- Planet Zoo project
    • MonkeyBat
      Without the title I'd think that was a genuine zoo

      Not so much about the graphics just the layout!
    • JigerofLemuria
      Certainly an amazing piece of work! What species live there? o_O
    • Hammy
      How much does this zoo make your PC chug? I'd have given up halfway through this because my machine would die. Amazing work!
    • JigerofLemuria
      @Hammy same here. It's an amazing game, but Whenever I put in my first animal, or when my first guests come in, the PC goes "Nope!"
      Hammy and grevy's zebra like this.
    • AllosaurusJimmadseni
      @JigerofLemuria Here's the full species list:

      Opening Section:

      Greater Flamingo

      Small Mammal House: Home to some of the zoo’s smallest and cuddliest residents. Meet koalas, red pandas and otters. Across from the Main Entrance.

      Rock Hyrax*

      Fennec Fox*

      Prevost’s Squirrel*

      Mountain Viscacha*

      Asian Small Clawed Otter*

      European Harvest Mouse*

      Short Eared Elephant Shrew*

      Pygmy Marmoset*

      Red Rumped Agouti*

      White Faced Saki*

      Chinese Pangolin


      Queensland Koala*

      Black Footed Ferret*

      Screaming Hairy Armadillo*

      Red Panda

      Children’s Zoo: Hands-on play and exploration area for kids, and kids at heart. Meet meerkats, exotic birds, farm animals, and a cast of loveable critter characters.

      Slender Tailed Meerkat*

      Prehensile Tailed Porcupine*

      Barn Owl*

      African Pygmy Falcon*

      Spectacled Owl*

      African Pygmy Falcon*

      Savannah Monitor*

      Argentine Black and White Tegu*

      Patgonian Mara*

      Chinese Alligator*

      Giant African Pouched Rat*

      Naked Mole Rat*

      Green Iguana

      Deserts (House): Located inside of Children’s Zoo

      Desert Tortoise*

      Dwarf Mongoose*

      Rhinoceros Iguana*

      Mali Spiny Tailed Lizard*

      Egyptian Tortoise*

      Blue Tongued Skink*

      Catalina Island Rattlesnake*

      Bearded Dragon*

      Great Plated Lizard*

      Colorado River Toad*


      Leopard Gecko*


      Lesser Galago*

      Black Footed Cat*

      Harris’ Antelope Squirrel*

      Apache Trout*

      Cut Throat Finch*

      Lilac Breasted Roller*

      Scott’s Oriole*

      Hooded Oriole*

      Petting Corral: Located inside of Children’s Zoo

      San Clemente Island Goat*

      Alpine Goat*

      Orpington Chicken*

      Hawaiian Bird Breeding Aviary: Located in Children’s Zoo



      Rocky Coast: Focuses on the wildlife of Pacific coastlines near and far. Meet penguins, sea lions and polar bears.

      Magellanic Penguin*

      King Penguin*

      Northern Shoveler*

      Common Eider*

      Polar Bear

      California Sea Lion*

      Pacific Natives Aquarium: Focuses on Pacific sea life. Meet sharks, otters and stingrays. Located in Rocky Coast.

      Outdoor Section:

      Sea Otter*

      Nurse Shark*

      White sturgeon*

      Chinook salmon*

      Main Aquarium:



      California Brown Sea Hare*

      Mantis Shrimp*

      Tufted Puffin*

      Sea Pansy*

      California Spiny Lobster*

      Gooseneck Barnacle*

      Box Jelly*

      Giant Pacific Octopus*

      Second Outdoor Section:


      Fiddler Crab*

      Fairy Penguin*

      Bamboo Shark*

      Epaulette Shark*

      Fiddler Ray*

      Cownose Ray*

      Queen Conch*

      Horseshoe Crab*

      Sand Dollar*

      Purple Sea Urchin*

      Ochre Sea Star*

      Black Oystercatcher*

      Western Sandpiper*

      Black Necked Stilt*

      Kelp Forest:


      California Moray Eel*

      Bat Star*

      Kelp Bass*

      Leopard Shark*

      Condor Trails: An extensive network of dirt and asphalt trails that take guests on a scenic adventure through the American Southwest. Meet Bison, Condors and Jaguar.


      Mexican Wolf

      Desert Bighorn Sheep


      Peninsular Pronghorn

      Chacoan Peccary


      Sonoran Desert Toad

      Mexican Boa Constrictor

      California Newt

      Collared Lizard

      California Condor

      Elf Owl


      American Badger

      White Nosed Coati

      Island Fox



      Swift Fox

      Les Perry Migratory Bird Aviary: Part of Condor Trails

      *Wood Thrush, White-crowned Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite, Red-winged Blackbird, Tufted Titmouse, Gray Catbird, American Robin, American Goldfinch, Baltimore Oriole, Cedar Waxwing, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Eastern Towhee, Swainson's Thrush, White-faced Ibis, American Golden-Plover, Sora, Scarlet Tanager, Mourning Dove, Killdeer, Indigo Bunting*

      American Rainforest: A historic indoor compound housing animals from the vulnerable rainforests in Central and South America.

      Yellow Anaconda

      Green Crested Basilisk*

      Goliath Beetle

      Amazonian Giant Centipede

      Gooty Sapphire Ornamental*

      Brazilian Wandering Spider*

      Honduran Spiny Tailed Iguana*

      Emerald Tree Boa*

      Red Eyed Tree Frog

      Large spot River Stingray*

      White-blotched River Stingray*

      Vermiculite River Stingray*

      South American Lungfish*


      Armored Catfish*

      Shovelnose Catfish*

      Ripsaw Catfish*

      Redtail Catfish*

      Suckermouth Catfish*

      Pseudoplatystoma sp. (Catfish)*

      Panda Cory*

      Golden Whiptail Catfish*

      Marbled Whiptail Catfish*

      Chocolate-colored Catfish*

      Twig Catfish*

      Black Ghost Knifefish*

      Bluntnose Knifefish*

      Elephant-nosed Knifefish*

      Glass Knifefish*

      Blue Whale Catfish*


      Red-bellied Piranha*

      Violet Line Piranha*

      Redhook Myleus*


      Silver Arowana*

      Banded Leporinus*

      Brycon sp.*

      Peacock Cichlid*


      Neon Tetra*

      Kitty Tetra*

      Lemon Tetra*

      Silver Hatchetfish*

      Caiman Lizard*

      South American Tropical Tortoise*

      Waxy Monkey Tree Frog*

      Helmeted Curassow*

      Goeldi’s Monkey*

      Linnaeus’ Two Toed Sloth*

      Historic District Aviaries:

      Scarlet Macaw

      Red Tailed Hawk

      Gorilla Thicket: A lush woodland home to animal species from the forests of Central Africa. Meet gorillas, pygmy hippos and monkeys.

      Nile Monitor


      Pygmy Hippopotamus

      Allen’s Swamp Monkey*

      Aldabra Tortoise

      West African Dwarf Crocodile*

      Goliath Frog*


      Western Lowland Gorilla

      Black and White Colobus*

      Vervet Monkey*

      Yellow-backed Duiker*

      Kirkhill Aviary: Located in Gorilla Thicket. Depicts an acacia woodland.

      * Western Long Tailed Hornbill, Rodrigues Flying Fox, Crested Coua, Hamerkop, Great Blue Turaco, Southern Bald Ibis, African Spoonbill, African Openbill Stork, Green Woodhoopoe, African Thrush, White Vented Bulbul, Violet Backed Starling, Emerald Starling, Superb Starling, Purple Glossy Starling, Golden Breasted Starling, White Headed Lapwings, Taveta Golden Weaver, Reichenow's Weaver, Black Crake, Magpie Shrike, African Golden Oriole, Blue Eared Glossy Starling, Northern Red Bishop, White Headed Buffalo Weaver, Blue Naped Mousebird, Blue Bellied Roller, White Crowned Robin Chat, Bruce's Green Pigeon, African Olive Pigeon, African Grey Parrot, Tambourine Dove, Senegal Laughing Dove, Blue Headed Wood Dove, White Bellied Go Away Bird, Yellow Necked Francolin, African Darter*

      Asia Trek: Home to animals from all over our planet’s biggest continent. Meet elephants, cranes, tigers and orangutans.

      Japanese Macaque


      Japanese Giant Salamander*

      White Naped Crane*

      Siberian Tiger

      Steller's Sea Eagle*

      Bar Headed Goose*

      Indian Elephant

      Indian Peafowl


      Sarus Crane*


      Yellow Pond Turtle*

      Parker's Snake Necked Turtle*

      Painted Terrapin*

      Rosy Barb*

      Chinese Algae Eater*

      Clown Loach*

      Green Scat*

      Giant Danio*

      Banded Archerfish*

      Bornean Orangutan


      Komodo Dragon

      Snow Leopard

      Show Animals: Performers in Pryce Amphitheatre. Kept in a compound off stage.

      Serval (habitat next to Play Place)

      Cotton Top Tamarin*

      Secretary Bird*

      Screaming Hairy Armadillo (kept in Small Mammal House)*

      African Fish Eagle*


      Argentine Black and White Tegu (kept in children’s zoo)*

      Insect Zoo: Home to the zoo’s vast collection of creepy crawlies, both small and surprisingly large. Meet spiders, leafcutter ants and coconut crabs.

      Coconut Crab, Emperor Scorpion, Bird Eating Spider, Ferocious Water Bug, Brazillian Whiteknee Tarantula, Leafcutter Ant, Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, Giant Cave Roach, Puerto Rican Millipede, Leaf Insect, Peruvian Fire Stick, Assassin Bug, Derby's Flower Beetle, Jungle Nymph, Sunburst Diving Beetle, Dead Leaf Mantis, Blue Death Feigning Beetle, Pink Winged Stick Insect, Red Swamp Crayfish*

      Appleby Butterfly House: Part of Insect Zoo

      *Smooth-banded Sister, Mexican Sister, Belus Swallowtail, Gold Rim Swallowtail, Red Rim, Grecian Shoemaker, Mexican Shoemaker, Zebra Mosaic, Crimson Patch, Glasswing, Agalla Clearwing, Red Cracker, Starry Night Cracker, Juno Longwing, Mexican Bluewing, Orange Tiger, Gray Cracker, Variable Cracker, Orange Cracker, Blue Wave, Mexican Bluewing, Blue Morpho, White Morpho, Pale Owl, Narrow-banded Owl, Broad-banded Swallowtail, Ruby-spotted Swallowtail, Torquatus Swallowtail, Ruby-spotted Swallowtail, Arcas Cattleheart, Iphidamas Cattleheart, Pink-spotted Cattleheart, Montezuma Cattleheart, Zebra Longwing, Small Postman, Postman, Cyndo Longwing, Sapho Longwing, Hecale Longwing, Doris Longwing, Hewison's Longwing, Scarce Bamboo Page, Large Tiger, Cream-colored Tigerwing, Malachite, Rusty-tipped Page, Disturbed Tigerwing, Purple King Shoemaker, Harmonia Tigerwing, Isabella's Longwing, Julia Longwing, Mexican Longwing, Tiger Leafwing, Marbled Longwing, Scarlet Leafwing, Common Olive Wing, Apricot Sulphur*

      Madagascar: A large building surrounded by an exotic botanic garden housing the weird and wonderful animals from the 4th largest island. Meet lemurs, snakes and tortoises.

      Ring Tailed Lemur

      Red Ruffed Lemur


      Panther Chameleon*

      Madagascar Day Gecko*

      Hissing Cockroach*

      Madagascar Tree Boa*

      Flat-tailed Tortoise*

      Giant Day Gecko*


      Streaked Tenrec*

      Radiated Tortoise*
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