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Elephant paddock under renovation 1.6.10

Should be complete within a month. Until then the elephants are indoors.

Elephant paddock under renovation 1.6.10
Nisha, 1 Jun 2010
    • Nisha
      Should be complete within a month. Until then the elephants are indoors.
    • snowleopard
      Could one of the Brits on this forum let me know what exactly is happening to the Asian elephant paddock at Chester Zoo? Is the enclosure going to remain at only 2 acres or will there be extra space for the pachyderms? Considering the recent improvements this should continue to make Chester one of Europe's better zoos.
    • gentle lemur
      I don't think that the area of the paddock is changing significantly. The surface is being renewed and the slopes are being terraced, I think drainage work is being done and I expect that the boundary walls will be repaired if required. I am not sure what the vertical poles will be used for - but I'm sure someone here will be able to explain.

    • Nisha
      Apparently the poles weren't planned to be put in but since the zoo had some logs left over from another project they were put to good use in the elephant paddock. They will be used for some kind of enrichment although I'm not sure exacly what this will be.
    • Paix
      Im getting excited about these logs, and I really dont know why!!!

      EDIT: I would also quite like it if there was another (smaller) planted area on the other side of the paddock, just to add a more interesting landscape and possibly add more enrichment idea's!
    • bongorob
      Brilliant, you got the old entrance in the shot.
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