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Fallow deer at Trotters World of Animals, 15 May 2010

Fallow deer at Trotters World of Animals, 15 May 2010
mhale, 15 May 2010
    • Pertinax
      That looks like a Fallow doe to me...:confused:

      Interesting contrast between the overgrazed enclosure and the lush area behind it.
    • Maguari
      Yup, that's a Fallow. :)
    • Pertinax
      A Fallow deer that would probably like to be on the other side of that fence...;)
    • john foster
      Well thats ok as thats part of the deer park as well
    • Pertinax
      Can this deer go the other side of the fence then?
    • john foster
      The grass behind is in a red deer enclosure.This woodland opens onto a large field which the fallow have access to at all times. atb J
    • Pertinax
      Thanks for the information. I imagine the field is as heavily grazed as this woodland though- am I right? (maybe not?) Deer enclosures in wildlife parks/zoos frequently suffer from lack of grazing unless only a tiny number of animals are kept.

      On a completely different note do you know how many Mandrills Trotters has now- I believe they've multiplied considerably since they arrived?
    • john foster
      No its not grazed flat as its not over stocked. You would have to ask a keeper about stock numbers.Have I upset you ,seems a strong line from a straight reply
    • Pertinax
      No, I don't get upset by answers on this Forum. I don't like seeing animals in heavily overgrazed enclosures is all. This woodland is heavily overgrazed (note how the grass has been nibbled down almost to the bare soil and moss.) As they will graze the whole area available to them in an even fashion, the grass will be exactly the same height throughout their enclosure- unless they have recently been given access to a much larger area- could that be the case here? For Fallow Deer ideally the grass should be a few inches high at least.

      Any news on the Mandrill numbers?
    • Jordan-Jaguar97
      Mandrill numbers are 1:6:1. Trotters have the smallest group in the UK but only just, South Lakes have 1:7 with their last birth a year ago. Trotters adult male is Charlie, he fathered a baby last year to.

      I like this small collection holds the only Canadian lynx in the UK and bred them too!

      Hope to visit soon.
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