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former rhino house

now holds a pair of lowland anoa's.

former rhino house
lintworm, 28 Jan 2011
    • lintworm
      now holds a pair of lowland anoa\'s.
    • snowleopard
      I find it fascinating to see the many photos of this particular exhibit, as there have been a lot of inhabitants of the enclosure over the years. Judging from reviews and photos of Antwerp, my impression as a Canadian living far away from Belgium (incidentally a country without a stable government at the moment!:)) is that Antwerp Zoo has a long and impressive history but very little top-notch exhibitry. Would it be a fair assessment to say that there a number of good exhibits but not many great ones in comparison to the wonderful zoos in Germany and the Netherlands?

      One famous aspect of the zoo is the numerous historic structures (giraffe/elephant house, reptile house, bird building, aquarium, etc) and is there a book about the zoo that I could purchase? There is a rich history at Antwerp Zoo and I'd like to read more about the park.
    • lintworm
      The Antwerpen zoo is located in the middles of the city of Antwerpen, next to the main railway station. The zoo covers about 11 hectares, so there isn't much space. especcially with such a big collection. It is a real city zoo (more then 150 years old) with a lot of interesting buildings ( the ape house, great ape house, aquarium, polarium (Vriesland), reptile house, 2 bird houses, pachyderm house, nocturnal house, hippo house). Indeed the most exhibits not very big, but they are doing a nice job at the moment, regarding exhibit size. But the collection and the architecture are outstanding. Antwerp has one of the best bird collections in Europe and also some very nice mammal, reptile and fish species.
    • Shirokuma
      I think good examples of recent developments which have improved the zoo include the spectacled bear/coati enclosure, the hippo and Malayan tapir enclosures, Vriesland, the congo peafowl facility (which greatly impoved that building and raised standards of husbandry) and the forthcoming lion enclosure.
    • Tim May
      There is a book:-

      The Chant of Paradise: The Antwerp Zoo 150 Years of History
      (Roland Baetans, 1993).

      There may also be more recent books on the history with which I’m not familiar.
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