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Golden x Ringneck Pheasant

Golden x Ringneck Pheasant
LaughingDove, 23 Aug 2016
    • Chlidonias
      I'm stumped. It looks like it should be a Golden Pheasant but I've never heard of black ones before and I can't see any photos on Google showing black ones.
    • LaughingDove
      When I saw it at the zoo I thought 'that's a weird looking Golden Pheasant' but last night when posting the species list I googled it and couldn't see anything with a mutation quite like that, so I left it unidentified.
    • Hix
      I remember asking them about this when I was there a year ago - they had no idea what it was either. I still have my photos of it labelled as "Unidentified Pheasant". I suspect it's a hybrid.


    • Chlidonias
      oh, that doesn't look nearly as black as in LaughingDove's photo. Hix's photo appears to show a hybrid between Golden and Ringneck. I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before either!
    • Chlidonias
      some googling shows hybrids between Ringnecks and various others including Golden, Reeves', etc. I think the one in Hix's photo is clearly a Ringneck x Golden, although I can't find any exact matches to the appearance on Google.
    • Astrobird
      I agree with the Golden X Ringneck, there is always a lot of variation in looks with cross breeds, each one seems different. I have seen one that was mostly a golden orange colour and actually looked very attractive.
    • LaughingDove
      Golden X Ringneck it is then, thanks all.
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    23 Aug 2016
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