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good gorilla exhibit

seems better than is given credit for imo

good gorilla exhibit
mweb08, 23 Jul 2009
    • mweb08
      seems better than is given credit for imo
    • taun
      Still lacks some cover, I would like zoos that exhibit gorillas like this (with glass viewing) to build some sort of cameo netting canopy.

      I have been working on a few designs but with some problems of if the structure failed it could lead to escape's.

      However it does have a lot of shrubs to help.
    • zooman
      It is being developed in Milan l belive a light weigh inredibly strong mesh. So far used on Orangs, Leopards, gibbons. That l know of, of course it would still require a framework.
    • James27
      Ah that carlosmesh stuff? Basically chainlink made of wire rope? That's used in quite a few places in the UK.
    • taun
      I was think more of how it is spanned and what you would need in terms on strength to stop it failing along the inmates to climb out.
    • NAIB Volunteer
      According to their Master Plan, I believe the Primate House will be demolished and a new entry plaza will be constructed for those ariving by bus. It does not say were the new Primate House will be located though.
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