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hippos at Werribee

Primrose and Tulip, mother and daughter

hippos at Werribee
jay, 1 Jan 2007
    • jay
      Primrose and Tulip, mother and daughter
    • PAT
      There are now three hippos in this pool. Primrose, Tulip and the newest member of the family Lotus.

      This is definatley in my top 5 favorite exhibits I've seen because it is so natural, the hippos have a choice of being in their pools, on a sandy beach or a grassy field and there are three seperate exhibits for flexibility in the holding of the 5 hippos.
    • snowleopard
      The photos of both the hippo and lion exhibits at Werribee show what many people call outstanding, naturalistic habitats. It is just a pity that there are only a few hundred animals at this open range park, and that the attendance numbers are not as high as they could be.
    • Arizona Docent
      That is beautiful - looks completely real.
    • Zooplantman
      It was designed by one of the leading American zoo design teams out of Seattle, Studio HansonRoberts
    • zooman
      It always goes unnoticed that this exhibit also has a incredibly environmentally friendly filtration system.

      The water is pumped to higher ground a flows through a marsh like area. Leaving no noticeable smell that at many other hippo exhibits l have found overwhelming.
    • Cat-Man
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    1 Jan 2007
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