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Hunters Hartebeest, Gladys Porter Zoo Brownsville

Hunters Hartebeest, Gladys Porter Zoo Brownsville
Zebraduiker, 27 Jun 2008
    • Zebraduiker
      I've made more shots of this animal, but it was not easy, because the Hirola was extremly disturbed in its behaviour and has attacked me or the fence all the time...

      She had lived alone for a long time in a tiny, very old and bad " cage".

      In the Zoo, they called the Hunters Hartebeest "the crazy antelope", and as I saw it, I knew why....
    • Potto
      too bad she's died out now...... :( :(
    • Zebraduiker
      Yeah, thats right, and this species is highly endangerd in the wild. I think, less than 500 animals left in the wild.
    • Potto
      It's actually less than 400 and they're restricted to 2 National Parks in Kenya.
    • fofo
      Do you know where and how many are in captivity?
    • Pygathrix
      None in captivity now, thus was the last one.
    • Blackduiker
      Thanks for sharing this photo with us.
    • Meaghan Edwards
      She was beautiful. I hope the species can be saved.
    • fofo
      I hope that efforts to preserve the habitat and in captivity will also
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    27 Jun 2008
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