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ID Please

Not an exhibit, just hopping around one of the enclosures. Probably an incredibly common British bird but as I don't live here I don't have a clue and RSPB's bird ID thing didn't help!

ID Please
Jackwow, 16 Mar 2013
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    • Jackwow
      Not an exhibit, just hopping around one of the enclosures. I realise it's probably an incredibly common British bird but as I don\'t live here I don\'t have a clue and RSPB\'s bird ID thing didn\'t help!

      Mar 13
    • IanRRobinson
      I'd have said that was a Dunnock (Prunella modularis).

      Info attached:-The RSPB: Dunnock
    • Maguari
      It's a Dunnock, Prunella modularis. :)
    • bongorob
      The second zoochatter to have a photograph of a dunnock identified, it seems as if it is a common, but overlooked species.
    • Rider

      Hell, I think it looks like a Dunnock, too. They sing very nicely - one is often in my garden strutting his stuff!
    • Jackwow
      Thanks Ian, I'd never have got that.

      I wonder why RSPB uses illustrations of birds rather than photos cos I would never have associated the bird on their site with my photo as their illustration shows extensive blue grey plummage whilst my bird is largely brown? Although perhaps the angle of my shot hides some of the blue grey plummage.
    • Maguari
      Generally I find paintings far easier to use as reference ID for birds than photos - not least because paintings allow similar species to be shown all in the same poses. But I agree the image of a 'Dunnock' on the RSPB website is awful!
    • Chlidonias
      that really is a terrible picture. It makes it look like some sort of pipit!
    • peregusna
      It's nice to see this bird in here :)

      There are so many of them Cuba (Gorrión común - EcuRed) and the beautiful cousin the Spiza Americana.
    • gentle lemur
      The species in your link is what we call a house sparrow. It looks quite like a dunnock, which is sometimes called a hedge sparrow - but they are not closely related.

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