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Knut- Berlin Natural History Museum

Knut- Berlin Natural History Museum
FunkyGibbon, 11 Jul 2015
    • carlos55
      E. Maximus, what do you think of how Knut was mounted ?
    • Tim May
      Question please:-

      Last time I was in this museum, just over a year ago, the old ungulate gallery was closed for renovation; has this re-opened yet?

    • Bib Fortuna
      @Tim May

      Been tot he museum four weeks ago;ungulate gallery is still under construction, and fas as I know, there is not yet a reopening date.Some of the ungulates, Giant Eland,Hippo Group,Greater Kudu and Indian Rhino are on show near to Knut and Bobby.
    • Tim May
      Thanks for this; I especially remember the kiangs from my earlier visits but these were not on show last time I was there.
    • Elephas Maximus
      Pretty much realistic, and they captured his individual features :) Though he looked weird comparing to conspecifics even when being alive.

      I feel sorry for Knut's bones, they were trapped inside clay in the process of making a body cast :(
    • Loxodonta Cobra
      I wonder how or what Knut's die-hard fans (if there are any left) would think/say to him being taxidermist instead of laid to rest?
    • Elephas Maximus
      Anthropomorphism sucks (it hinders conservation of species and preservation of specimens, especially famous ones), those diehard fans must realise that animals absolutely don't care about their bodies' fate after death.
    • Pertinax
      In what way(s) did he look weird/different from other Polar Bears?
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