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Main ocean tank, June 2015.

Photo taken on the 26th June 2015.

Main ocean tank, June 2015.
devilfish, 5 Jul 2015
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    • devilfish
      Photo taken on the 26th June 2015.
    • lintworm
      Thanks for all the uploads from this aquarium.

      Some parts look quite nice, but other parts fail to impress me like the puffin exhibit and this main tank. What is the volume of this tank?
    • devilfish
      Thanks lintworm. I was surprised by how few photos had been uploaded.

      The aquarium is very impressive, and certainly one of my favourites, but overall it's actually a little smaller than I anticipated. Part of this is due to expectations from the online/early map. Each of the three zones has at least one major exhibit but these might be slightly underwhelming given the expectation; the main tank is a bit smaller than I anticipated (4 million litres), but it's still enormous and there's a nice range of species inside. The different vantage points (including the floor of the tunnel) make for an interesting exhibit.
      The puffin exhibit is actually quite interesting because of the large fish with which they share the exhibit. Not very many puffins present, but one of them was very active when I visited, which improved the enclosure's appeal.
      The sea otter enclosure struck me as looking surprisingly sterile, but it was a pleasure to watch its inhabitants.
      There are so many highlights in this aquarium that I'm still getting a little bit excited just thinking about it. For me, the real treats were the smaller exhibits. The space itself adds to the experience.
    • temp
      After visiting a lot of large ocean tanks, one thing that struck is the use of light. Many other aquariums with large ocean tanks use shadows and light to make the background appear less obvious. Basically, a lot of light in center, less light towards the edges. For whatever reason, Blue Planet didn't and this means that the 4 million tank (strictly speaking 4.1) doesn't appear as large as some other tanks that actually are similar in size. Still very impressive however.
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