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Make an Exhibit for that Country - Chile / Chilean Conservancy

My submission on Chile called "Chilean Conservancy" for the topic "Make an exhibit for that country'. Legend with species list copied in the comments below. For a full description see

Make an Exhibit for that Country - Chile / Chilean Conservancy
KevinB, 17 May 2020
    • KevinB
      Chilean Conservancy

      1 Endemic species house

      1A Rodent exhibit, indoor/outdoor housing Common degu

      1 Endemic species house exhibits:​

      Two aviary sets housing Chilean woodstar and Juan Fernández firecrown

      Separate aviaries with Juan Fernández tit-tyrant, White-throated tupaculo, Chilean tinamou and Masafuera rayadito

      Terrariums housing Fabian's lizard, Atacama toad, Jewel lizard, Darwin's frog and Phymaturus vociferator

      2 Rapa Nui House

      2A Indoor and outdoor aviary housing Masked booby and Sooty tern

      2 Rapa Nui house exhibits

      Aquaria housing Easter Island butterflyfish, Easter Island splitfin and Wilhelm's squirrelfish

      Terrariums housing Moko uri uri skink and Mourning gecko​

      3 Chilean coastal and wetland aviary

      3A Flamingo exhibit Andean flamingo

      3B Flamingo exhibit Chilean flamingo

      3C Flamingo exhibit James' flamingo

      3D Penguin exhibits Magellanic penguin

      3E Penguin exhibits Humboldt penguin

      3F Penguin exhibits Macaroni penguin​

      3G Bird area. The following bird species have access to the flamingo and penguin exhibits and the visitor area: Torrent duck, Coscoroba swan, Chiloé wigeon, Inca tern, Kelp goose, Blackish oystercatcher, Red-legged cormorant, Horned coot, Black-faced ibis, White-faced ibis and Southern lapwing​

      4 Chilean coasts

      4A Juan Fernández fur seal

      4B Lagoon housing Commerson's dolphin

      4C Lagoon housing Hourglass dolphin

      4D Imperial shag

      4E Magellanic flightless steamer duck

      4F Marine otter​

      5 Tierra Del Fuego

      5A Tierra Del Fuego Paddock housing Guanaco, Black-necked swan, Magellan goose, South Andean Huemul and Red shoveler

      5B Leopard seal

      5C North American beaver (Invasive species)

      5D Great grebe​

      6 Valdivian Forest

      6A Valdivian Forest Aviary housing Southern pudu, Cucao tupaculo, Slender-billed parakeet, Patagonian sierra finch and Chilean pigeon

      6B Kodkod

      6C Monito del Monte (Nocturnal exhibits in house)

      6D Magellanic woodpecker

      6E Darwin's fox​

      7 Andean grasslands

      7A Andean grassland paddock housing Vicuña, Darwin's rhea, Taruca or North Andean deer and Andean goose

      7B Rodent house with separate exhibits housing Long-tailed chinchilla, Coruro and Southern viscacha​

      8 Carrion Canyon

      8A Andean condor

      8B Black-chested buzzard eagle

      8C Mountain caracara

      8D Striated caracara

      8E American black vulture​

      9 Atacama Oasis

      9A Culpeo fox

      9B Burrowing owl

      9C Darwin's leaf-eared mouse

      9D Gray gull​

      10 Andean cat

      11 Puma or Mountain lion

      12 Parrot walk-through aviary housing Burrowing parakeet, Austral parakeet and Mountain parakeet
    • KevinB
      I only now noticed that 4D and 4E should be switched. 4D = Magellanic flightless steamer duck, 4D = Imperial shag.

      I also wrote tupaculo instead of tapaculo and Cucao tupaculo instead of Chucao tupaculo.

      I apologize for these errors and for not paying better attention when writing things down and doing proofreading.
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