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Mc Neill deer

Mc Neill deer
Zebraduiker, 11 Jul 2008
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    • Ituri
      Is this a McNeill's red deer, or a Bactrian wapiti?

      Question number two... does anyone know if San Diego has any remaining subspecies of Cervus elaphus in their collection?
    • ungulate nerd
      For some reason, I am more convinced that this is a MacNeills deer (Cervus wallichi macneilli) rather then a Bactrian wapiti (Cervus elaphus bactrianus)

      Bactrian wapiti seem to have a slightly shaggier neck and more of a brown coloration where this specimen has more of a silver coloration, and the antlers look like more like that of a MacNeills deer

      Also the last MacNeills deer living at San Diego Zoo died in 2007 but there are still San Diego Zoo specimens living in the private sector (see Shadow Nursery Gallery), San Diego Zoo's MacNeills came from two places those places were the Chengdu Zoo in China and a deer farm (Also in China)

      @baboon, do you know if there are still MacNeills deer in captivity in China ?
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