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New signage example

New signage example
Nisha, 14 Oct 2013
    • pipaluk
      Are all the signs like this? Classic 1970s style, i quite like them!
    • Gigit
      It's hardly a mine of information! Won't people just say 'Oh, it's an Okapi' and pass on by?
    • Zooplantman
      Yes.... attractive, simple, but with no information about the natural history of the animal.
      Were there additional signs to address that?
    • Nisha
      There are other (more informative) signs but the majority of them are in the indoor exhibit area... This one to the front of the outdoor paddocks is a new addition to stop Joe Public declaring the Okapi a zebra/horse hybrid etc :rolleyes: (If they will read it is another matter!)

      The only place I've seen the new style of signage so far is the Giraffe section, but admittedly I wasn't looking very hard and there probably are a few more around elsewhere in the zoo
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    14 Oct 2013
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