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Numbat Enclosure

6th of July 2016 Species List: A zoo review will be posted here:

Numbat Enclosure
LaughingDove, 18 Aug 2016
    • zooboy28
      Is this enclosure fully netted over - essentially a walk-in aviary?
    • LaughingDove
      Yes, absolutely.

      The bit which visitors can access is a little square in the corner that is slightly raised wooden decking with a couple of benches.
    • zooboy28
      Interesting. Is there scope then to add a couple of small bird species? Would make a nice display, and reduce visitor disappointment if the numbat is not visible. Potentially the entry system would need to be improved to prevent escapes.
    • devilfish
      Even without the numbat visible there's an interesting video playing on loop and some fascinating signs in the shelter. Some smaller birds might be nice, but you'd need more perches (as well as your suggestion of making it more secure for birds).
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    18 Aug 2016
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