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Olympic Game Farm - Grizzly Bear Exhibit #6

August 20th, 2016.

Olympic Game Farm - Grizzly Bear Exhibit #6
snowleopard, 24 Aug 2016
    • snowleopard
      August 20th, 2016.
    • DavidBrown
      This looks like a chicken coop. Did you ever fear for your safety at this place?
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    • snowleopard
      @DavidBrown The place is atrocious, even though they worked with Disney for almost 30 years.

      This fencing on the Grizzly Bear exhibit made me skittish:

    • DelacoursLangur
      Thats crazy if that fencing is really as low and flimsy as it looks in this photo. Somehow as a lifelong resident of western Washington State and a massive zoo fan I have never heard of this facility. Until now I was only really aware of the WPZ, Tacoma Zoo, Cougar Mountain, and NW Trek. It blows my mind that I have never heard of it before. Next time I am in that area I might just have to visit, although I am a bit worried I might be supporting a facility with sub-par animal welfare I am going to have to do some more digging.
    • Jake1508
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    24 Aug 2016
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