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Ooo my favorite!

Ooo my favorite!
blospz, 15 Jun 2010
    • European Fauna
      Tree Kangaroos are the new pandas.Amazingly charismatic animals and around 5 years away from boomtime when they will be the next big thing in cuddly toys , Disney cartoons etc.As the Spanish say "tiempo al tiempo" - i.e. give the matter its necessary time.
    • reduakari
      Unfortunately, unlike pandas, the captive population of these wonderful animals is dropping like a stone, with no prospect of new wild founders in sight.
    • blospz
      Well if their popularity rises I hope US zoos step it up and create better exhibits for them. I've looked at photos on this site from various zoos and a lot of them don't impress me.
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    15 Jun 2010
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