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pic 069

pic 069
mazfc, 1 May 2010
    • taun
      Salome I believe, if you look at her nose she as too indents above the nostrils unlike Romina.
    • adrian1963
      Great photo
    • mazfc
      That's a good tip, I wasn't sure so I decided not to guess
    • Pertinax
      Correct Taun.;)

      Other distinguishing features between the two females;

      Salome; Redder crown, wrinkled nose, glandular lumps on neck, smaller size, portly/tubbier shape.

      Romina; Dull Brown crown, flatter head with distinct ruff around face, smoother nose, larger size, slimmer shape.
    • taun
      Not sure why but I find these two really easy to tell apart compared with the breeding Group at Twycross.

      Maybe I'll upload a shot of Romina I have, who seems to love the camera! :p
    • Pertinax
      Ozala/Asante at Twycross are more similar probably because they are half-sisters.

      In the groups at Howletts I can't tell a lot of them apart because they look similar- particularly all the (related) younger ones.
    • mazfc
      Thanks for all the tips - I have sone more that I haven't uploaded I'll try them out on those :)
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    1 May 2010
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