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Reticulated Giraffe exhibit 5/22/2011

Reticulated Giraffe exhibit 5/22/2011
DejaVuKatz, 11 Mar 2012
    • DejaVuKatz
      Masia Giraffe and Reticulated Giraffe in the same exhibit as Hartmann's Mountain Zebra.
    • Kudu21
      Neither of these giraffes are Masai.
    • DejaVuKatz
      Lowry Park keeps both in the same enclosure. I think your right though, I thought the one on the left was Maia, but I don't see the typical oak leaf pattern.
    • zoomaniac
      Last november, a zoo staff told me, that the reticulated giraffes died and has been replaced by a masai, a baringo (rothschildi) and another one (unknown origin? - don't remember). It looks as if those on the picture are the later two.
    • DejaVuKatz
      rothschildi I think is on the left. If the one on the right is not a reticulated then I don't know what it is. After some digging I found out that the massi had arrived after this photo was taken. I'll have to find video from someone else post and link it here on their recent arrival of the massi, which i many have a photo of from a couple weeks ago.

      EDIT: ok so I found the link original posted by BeardsleyZooFan here But watch the youTube Video here
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