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Stingray Bay Construction

10th of July 2016 A zoo review will be posted here:

Stingray Bay Construction
LaughingDove, 21 Aug 2016
    • snowleopard
      It is great to see new construction at this facility as there doesn't seem to have been a lot of changes over the years. How long did the aquarium take to tour? Also, I read your Perth Zoo review but I cannot remember if you mentioned how long that zoo took to visit.
    • LaughingDove
      I spent two and a half hours at the aquarium, though that was with doing the place quite slowly and spending lots of time looking at things. The aquarium could quite easily be done in less than two hours.

      I also did Perth at a fairly slow pace and spent a little over six hours there. Though I think with Perth Zoo it depends how determined you are to see certain species and how lucky you are with seeing them. You could easily add several hours to your visit by waiting for uncooperative animals. Though I think you'd need at least five hours at Perth Zoo.
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    21 Aug 2016
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