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Javan Rhino

Sumatran Tiger - Tibor

Sumatran Tiger - Tibor
Javan Rhino, 23 Jun 2010
    • Arizona Docent
      Is he blind in his right eye? It sure looks funky.
    • Javan Rhino
      I posted this picture and asked the exact same question on their facebook page.
      Tibor had an injury in transit or just before he was due to leave his last place before Edinburgh. He may have some sight, but might not be a 100%. Another post mentioned that vets did a good job to save his eye, so he may have some sight.
    • Blackduiker
      A very impressive photograph. How old was he when this was taken?
    • Javan Rhino
      Don't know his age sorry, but if it helps it was taken at the start of this month. It was taken 05/06/2010, so if you know his age now then there is your answer :), sorry I couldn't be any more help.
    • Nisha
      Tibor was born in 2007 at Heidelberg Zoo in Germany. His sister Chandra will also live at Edinburgh until a mate is found for either of them. Once this happens one will leave Edinburgh for pastures new and a mate will come for the remaining tiger.
    • Blackduiker

      Thanks Nisha and Javan Rhino. I could tell he was still quite young. And that date of 05/06/2010 just happens to be my birthday JR. :)
    • Javan Rhino
      Ahhh cool. It was my first time to Edinburgh and I really enjoyed it :)
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    23 Jun 2010
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