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theropod attack

theropod attack
Chlidonias, 27 May 2015
    • Chlidonias
      For those interested in palaeontology, the Palaeozoological Museum Of China is absolutely outstanding. The museum is on three floors, the lower one for dinosaurs including several fully-mounted skeletons (the displays are a mix of real fossils and casts) and fossil fish, the next floor for more dinosaurs and birds, and the third for mammals. Really fascinating fossils here, although unfortunately all the signage is in Chinese apart for the scientific names.

      Visited September 2013.
    • TeaLovingDave
      I suspect that this taxon is Gasosaurus constructus.
    • Chlidonias
      yes, I cannot remember if I just didn't photograph the signage for this mount, or if there was no signage. Either way I don't know which species they are!

      It is funny that the skeletons I saw in China are the same ones you saw in England.

      I have more from this museum coming up (mammals especially) but I ran out of time to upload them all earlier.
    • TeaLovingDave
      I imagine you saw a much larger array of dinosaur taxa than were in the touring exhibition of course. I've rooted out the guidebook for the aforesaid exhibition - it displayed the following:

      Lufengosaurus huenei
      Shunosaurus lii
      Gasosaurus constructus
      Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
      Tuojiangosaurus multispinus
      Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus
      Psittacosaurus sinensis
      Psittacosaurus youngi
      Dsungaripterus weii
      Lystrosaurus sp.
      Sinokannemeyeria yingchiaoensis
    • baboon
      The theropod is a Monolophosaurus jiangi,the stegosaurus is Tuojiangosaurus multispinus.
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    27 May 2015
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