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Tibetan golden cat : Exmoor Zoo : 22 May 2015

Tibetan golden cat : Exmoor Zoo : 22 May 2015
ro6ca66, 28 Jun 2015
    • ro6ca66
      Catopuma temminckii tristis (syn. Pardofelis temminckii tristis).

      I was watching the female "Swa-Fai" (approx. 7 yrs.) walking around her heavily-planted enclosure, when she suddenly leapt approx 8 feet up the wire fencing of her enclosure, clinging onto the wire whilst looking over towards the offshow area (holding the male, "Khan").
    • baboon
      Wow, a grey golden cat ! The golden cats in Chinese zoos are all red or brown.
    • savethelephant
      Well the head is as gold as it would get, it would seem.
    • TeaLovingDave
      Her younger brother Ipoh - whose exact location I am now unsure of, as he dropped off the face of the earth when Edinburgh went out of the species - is very richly coloured indeed:


      And just for completeness, the following is a photograph of Khaan, the unrelated male who was also held at Edinburgh and is now off-display in the enclosure next to Swai-fai at Exmoor:

    • baboon
      Thank you for the information! Their colours are so variable :) BTW, It makes me even more disappointing on Edinburgh Zoo now :mad:
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