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Walrus show

August 2009

Walrus show
Orycteropus, 17 Apr 2010
    • Orycteropus
      August 2009
    • SMR
      I can't decide who's at more risk there, the walrus or the guy, it looks unpleasant for both.
    • PAT
      He's brave to do that. I sure wouldn't. :)
    • Hix
      Typical guys, they're seeing who has the bigger tusk.
    • DejaVuKatz
      oh that poor walrus.... worse then your pet cat sleeping with its butt in your face.
    • Chlidonias
      now now, dolphinariums in these enlightened times are no longer mere circus shows, they display the natural behaviours of the magnificent animals in their care to illustrate how wonderous nature is. I'm surprised that all of you are apparently unaware that walruses are well-known -- nay, renowned! -- for their uncontrollable crotch-sniffing deviancy. They aren't known to the natives of Greenland as mghuffinglaw for nothing!!
    • zoomaniac
      @Chlidonias: What exactly does "mghuffinglaw" mean (although I have an apprehension):)
    • Fuzzball

      Yes, its terrible what they are doing with the walrusses-probably the reason they don't breed anymore....If a man put his "Dinky" in the walrus males face-he's probably not interested in female walrusses anymore-lol.

      I'm curious, what Hagenbeck will do with them-lol.
    • DejaVuKatz
      XD dude you guys just made my night LOL
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    17 Apr 2010
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