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Zebra Duiker Frankfurt 1980

One of the most fascinating ungulates I've ever seen.

Zebra Duiker Frankfurt 1980
Benzoo, 19 May 2009
    • taun
      Interesting Charly, would you recomend mixing them with just one other species, or from your experience is it best to keep them completely on there own?

      Thanks Taun,
    • Charly
      Duikers are wonderful animals to keep them together with other animals, in many cases, it works very well. We tried to keep zebra duikers together with guenons, it was not working, because the monkeys were to aggressive and chased and bite the duikers, so we had to move the guenons out of the duiker exhibit.

      Its possible to keep zebra duikers togther with other animals, Frankfurt zoo has kept them together with chevrotains and later with klippspringers, but this failed, after they put a male duiker in it, the antelope males were fighting. With the chevrotains, it was better, but they are much smaller than the duikers, and the duikers have chased them from time to time.
    • Hix
      Where was this?
    • zoomaniac
      Afaik in an former exhibt called "Rundbau/Rundhaus" (Roundhouse).
    • gentle lemur
      Yes indeed. I have photos of the zebra duikers from 1973. The other species in Round House then included woolly tapir, klipspringer, aardwolf and babirusa :)

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