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ChunkyMunky pengopus

Zoo with extra space

All too often with US zoos, there seems to be a lot of extra space and walking which means my fellow guests wind up cranky and want to go home before we see the whole zoo. Also, most of my zoos I find are too jam packed with exhibits so I made a map of a zoo that just has a lot of empty space.

Zoo with extra space
ChunkyMunky pengopus, 17 Feb 2021
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    • ChunkyMunky pengopus
      1. Aquarium (Reef aquarium and pinnipeds)
      2. American Trek (North American Animals)
      3. Terrarium (Small Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Fish)
      4. Orangutan Forest (Orangutans and South East Asian hoofstock)
      5. Tiger Forest (Tigers and Asian hoofstock)
      6. Jaguar Forest (South American animals)
      7. Gorilla Forest (Gorillas and other African Forest animals)
      8. Wild Asia (Asian animals)
      9. African Savannah (Savannah animals)
      10. Bear Forest (Bears from around the world)
      11. Bizarre Islands (Curious creatures from Australia and other islands)
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    17 Feb 2021
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