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Australian Reptile Park A.R.P visit. 2016

Discussion in 'Australia' started by boof, 26 Sep 2016.

  1. boof

    boof Well-Known Member

    16 Jan 2005
    I visited the reptile park on Sunday 25/9/2016 for the day. It's a place I don't visit often enough. Personal highlights for me were the alligator snapping turtle. He is by far my favourite animal in the place. He was pretty active moving about. I would love to see him feeding. Also they fed the massive saltwater croc. Great display of his size and power. The noise his jaws made when he snapped at the food has to be heard to be believed. My little bloke, who is 4, fell in love with the digoes, especially the black one. The keeper talks were very well done. The chestnut rail is a bird I've never seen before and it was great to catch a glimpse of them in the avairy next to the platypus enclosure. Also I liked the bush bird avairy. Great to see the Argentinian Tegu. My only whinge is that it isn't on display anywhere. The person running the talk also mentioned the park has komodo dragons. Also not on display. It would be good if they had a bit more room to build another reptile area like the one they have got but I guess that is something I say about every place I visit. I always want more.