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Advice on Zoos in Sicily.

Discussion in 'Italy' started by dublinlion, 23 Sep 2015.

  1. dublinlion

    dublinlion Well-Known Member

    2 Nov 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    I will be visiting Sicily soon and was wondering if the local Zoos are worth visiting. I will be based near Taormina in the North East of the Island and will not be driving.
  2. Piko

    Piko Well-Known Member

    24 Mar 2013
    Rivalta di Torino, Italia
    There is nothing to see there, sorry
    There is one near Palermo (in Carini), so in the North West, called Bioparco di Sicilia, but it is nothing special
    The better are in the North and Centre, while the biggest (never been there by the way) is in the South (Puglia)
    The best is the one near Verona (in Bussolengo) called Parco Natura Viva, then also Zoom Torino (Immersive zoo), Parco Zoo Punta Verde, Le Cornelle... are really good ones, but they are in the North