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Aquariums, Reptile Houses, and Bird Houses within zoos.

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Grizzly Hound, 21 Apr 2020.

  1. Grizzly Hound

    Grizzly Hound Well-Known Member

    8 Sep 2019

    Henry Doorly Zoo: Scott Aquarium

    Columbus Zoo: Discovery Reef

    Brookfield Zoo: The Living Coast

    Memphis Zoo: Aquarium

    Houston Zoo: Kipp Memorial Aquarium

    Indianapolis Zoo: Oceans

    Toledo Zoo: Aquarium

    Pittsburgh Zoo: PPG Aquarium

    Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: The Reef

    Reptile Houses:

    San Diego Zoo: Reptile House

    Bronx Zoo: World of Reptiles

    Columbus Zoo: Reptile House

    Saint Louis Zoo: Herpetarium

    Smithsonian National Zoo: Reptile Discovery Center

    Cincinnati Zoo: Reptile House

    Philadelphia Zoo: Reptile and Amphibian House

    Memphis Zoo: Herpetarium

    Houston Zoo: Reptile and Amphibian House

    Indianapolis Zoo: Deserts (kinda)

    Lincoln Park Zoo: Small Mammal-Reptile House

    Fort Worth Zoo: MOLA

    Dallas Zoo: Herpetarium

    Detroit Zoo: Reptile Conservation Center

    Toledo Zoo: Reptile House

    Los Angeles Zoo: The LAIR

    Zoo Atlanta: Scaly. Slimy, Spectacular

    Oakland Zoo: Reptile and Amphibian House

    Sedgwick County Zoo: Reptile and Amphibian House

    Oklahoma City Zoo: Herpetarium

    Virginia Zoo: World of Reptiles

    Bird Houses:

    Bronx Zoo: World of Birds

    Saint Louis Zoo: Bird House

    Smithsonian National Zoo: Bird House

    Cincinnati Zoo: Wings of the World

    Philadelphia Zoo: Avian Center

    Memphis Zoo: Tropical Bird House

    Houston Zoo: Tropical Bird House

    Denver Zoo: Bird World

    Lincoln Park Zoo: Bird House

    Toledo Zoo: Aviary

    Milwaukee County Zoo: Aviary

    Combo Ones:

    Brookfield Zoo: Feathers and Scales

    Brookfield Zoo: Reptiles and Birds

    Nashville Zoo: Unseen New World

    Riverbanks Zoo: Aquarium-Reptile Complex

    Milwaukee County Zoo: Aquatic and Reptile Center
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  2. Batto

    Batto Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2013
    Baltic Sea - no more
    So what is the point of this exercise?
  3. TZDugong

    TZDugong Well-Known Member

    17 Nov 2017
    Toronto, ON
    I think you'll find just about every major zoo (in the US and abroad) has at least 1 of these 3 houses, with many having 2 and a few having all 3. Aquariums are the probably the least common, but Reptile Houses and Bird Houses are pretty ubiquitous, especially in the northern US states and in Europe.
  4. (Adsa)

    (Adsa) Well-Known Member

    11 Nov 2019
    The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
    Are you just looking at major zoos because the Lehigh Valley Zoo has a reptile house. I would assume many other small zoos would have reptile houses
  5. Grizzly Hound

    Grizzly Hound Well-Known Member

    8 Sep 2019
    Mainly major zoos.
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  6. JigerofLemuria

    JigerofLemuria Well-Known Member

    28 Jan 2016
    Moving away from the USA (I've only been to two zoos, Bronx and Central Park, the first with a reptile and bird house, the second not so much), I've found some interesting patterns myself. For example, more modern geographically-themed zoos don't have such clear-cut facilities, and some have more loose structures around these taxonomic groups. For example, I can't think of a single zoo in New Zealand which includes a proper bird house (mostly outdoor aviaries and walk-throughs), or a proper reptile house (mostly outward-facing rows of terrariums). Sure, Auckland Zoo USED TO have an aquarium and Wellington's USED TO have a reptile house in the historical animal house, but that's in the past. However, with the presence of kiwis in most major zoos, Nocturnal Houses, which I feel are rarer than those other houses proposed in the thread, are all over the place in the county. So for the hell of it, I'll count those in zoos I find have at least one of them
    - Zoo de Barcelona: has a reptile and bird house, both originally opened in 1972, but since around the mid 2000's, the aquarium in the Aquarama shut down. They had a couple of seahorses, frogs, etc. in the building until its ultimate closure in 2019. There's a strong possibility that a nocturnal house could open underneath the new Sahel walkway.
    - Zoo-Aquarium Madrid: the Aquarium is still standing strong (it's a Zoo-Aquarium, after all), but they shut down their reptile house (Naturaleza Misteriosa) in 2017, and aside from a collection of bird cages called "The Aviary", they don't have a proper indoor bird house. Talks of a new reptile house are being carried out though.
    - Faunia: has my favorite nocturnal house (house is an understatement, more like mansion), and a kiiiinda reptile house in "Veneno", mostly housing venomous herps and inverts, but also houses venomous reef fish and slow loris.
    - Lisbon Zoo: has a reptile house
    - Bioparco Roma: has a reptile house
    - Zoo Aquarium Berlin: It has it all, but the nocturnal house is currently under repair. I have to revisit them properly though, after my disastrous 1hour visit in 2006.
    - London Zoo; had all four categories, plus an insect house, and honestly I can't tell you which one I like most. However, plans to open a new aquarium under the insect house are now underway.
    - Dublin Zoo: has a new reptile house where the bird house used to be. Can't find any info on whether or not they'll ever open a new one.
    - Prague Zoo: has two reptile houses, a nocturnal house and a fully indoor walk-through aviary which I will generously say is a bird house.