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Asian Short Clawed Otters

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Allthingsotter, 8 May 2013.

  1. Allthingsotter

    Allthingsotter New Member

    28 Mar 2013
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Dear Zoo community,
    i have not used this zoochat thing before, well not as a member and I do not know how helpful it is going to be?
    I am currently on a mission to detangle the absolute mess the current population of Asain Short Clawed otters is in captivity In the UK.
    I am trying to piece together the puzzle that was the last UK studbook and extract the little correct info in the international studbook.
    I work at lengh day to day with many individuals of this species, and I am worried the UK population is heading for a genetic bottleneck.
    I have plenty of info and backing from many Uk zoos, but i am looking for info on the closed/extinct zoos and collections. Southport, Gatwick, witchingham, Poole Park, Otter trust etc etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how i could advance in the work I am doing?
    I am also trying to get together as many zoos in the UK, as i can now do 'pedigrees' for individual otters, so we can see if they hold good genes or are related.
    Any help or ideas would be most welcome. for the benfit of a captive, common and popular species