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Attica Zoological Park Visit Short Review

Discussion in 'Greece' started by Nikola Chavkosk, 21 Oct 2016.

  1. Nikola Chavkosk

    Nikola Chavkosk Well-Known Member

    17 Feb 2016
    Prilep, R. Macedonia
    Hello zoochatters,
    In the time the Zoochat was transforming into the current new type, I was on trip in Greece and visited the Attica Zoological Park in Athens, on October 18, 2016, and here is my review about the park:

    -Overall the park is very beautifull, subtropical planted with trees on the semiarid terrain.
    -You can acces the park by foot from the buss stop, but you will first think that you go nowhere and may encounter even feral dogs, some attention is needed till you reach to the park. I have encountered mans who were grazing sheeps and some dogs barking from the surrounding.
    -Some enclosures may be improved, like for example many low-enclosures for various birds (like tropical small birds), to be heightened. They were with height of just 2 m (isn't that too low as for birds?). Also many of the birds seemed that are housed in enclosures without real indoor enclosures (isn't the weather in Athens in winter too cold as for tropical birds?).
    -There were several large aviaries, like for birds of Africa, birds of Asia, tropical birds, covered with transparent plastic pannels that were producing periodic noice becuse of the wind - I think that was upsetting for the birds, and think that the roofs should be better fixed.
    -There were 4 keas in beautifull enclosure (photos soon in the gallery). Apparently, one of the kea was always sepparated from the rest 3 that were gethering in a group, and the solitary kea was more nervous (maybe some experienced zoochatter would explain this type of behavior)?
    -I was surprised to see blue-faced honeyeater and juvenile (chick) southern cassowary. Also to my suprise, were the Southern screamers; and the Northern helmeted currassow birds kept in the mixed enclosure with 4 species of macaws. There was one juvenile white to brown raptor, in next enclosure to palm-nut vultures, I think it was palm-nut vulture.
    -There was a jaguar cub living with both of his parrents.
    -I saw the new Sumatran tiger enclosure (it is nice, but I think more trees can be included in it) and the male Sumatran tiger itself (who was resting and at tmes constantly walking like in a pointless walk and was interested about the neighborring enclosure housing Persian leopards); I think the idea about multi-part (smaller compartments) enclosure is better than having one big enclosure in wich there is not much for an animal to do; on the other side smaller compartments would be more interesting with added novel things/smells.
    -There was one cheetah in mixed exhibit (and the other cheetahs sepparated in other enclosures) with three Southern white rhinos in wast distributed enclosure.
    -There were 3 African white-headed vultures, also 2 bateleur eagles.
    -First time I saw marginated tortoise (originating from Greece itself (and from parts of Italy). It was stated that many of the tortoises were left in the outdoor enclosure by visitors without notice, who were kept as pets. They have produced hatchlings and many were released back into the wild of Greece.
    -There were four young volounteers speaking Dutch, in the zoo.
    -I didn't expected that Javan lutungs would be that small.
    -There were no venomous snakes.
    -The dolphin enclosure was not opened for the visitors.
    -I saw the two Asian elephants, obtained last yea from the Netherlands.
    -I had great experience in the ring-tailed lemur walk-through enclosure with very interested inhabitants.
    -7 hours are enough as for zoochatter to see all of the animals and to walk troughout the zoo.
    -The greatest diversity was that of the birds, including several hornbill species, and rare-in zoos tropical small birds.

    I had a great time in the zoo, and would visit again in future. Some photos that I have took from the zoo, I will post very soon in the gallery.
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  2. devilfish

    devilfish Well-Known Member

    5 Jul 2008
    Knowle, UK
    Glad to see you made it - I visited earlier in the year. Thanks for the review. :)
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