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Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens Cracked glass in Chimpanzee exhibit?

Discussion in 'United States' started by Oddernod, 30 Jun 2014.

  1. Oddernod

    Oddernod Well-Known Member

    23 Jun 2014
    Los Angeles
    At my visit today I noticed one entire section of glass in the far end of the Chimpanzee exhibit entirely covered in wood panels labelled FRAGILE. You couldn't really see what had happened and at first I thought there may be some updated theming or decoration going on, but as I got closer I noticed that if you looked through one of the tree trunk "portholes" you could see that the entire pane was shattered. It sort of looked like what happens to car window glass when it takes a rock impact on the highway, spider web cracks across the entire surface.

    Any idea what happened there? Most times I barely see the chimps on that end, and when they do show up, it's mostly a caravan progression from that side on the way back to the waterfall and over. I wonder if it was more of a visitor incident rather than a chimp involved one.