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Designing my zoo

Discussion in 'Games, Simulators, Quizzes & Competitions' started by Rsaltmarsh, 2 Jul 2016.

  1. Rsaltmarsh

    Rsaltmarsh Member

    2 Jul 2016
    Fountain Inn
    Are there any serious apps that will let you create a Zoo by animation? Because all I seem to get is some fake trashy games that are not at all what I would like.
  2. TheDisneyTeen

    TheDisneyTeen Member

    17 Mar 2016
    What do you mean by "by animation"?
    Have you tried zoo tycoon 2? The vanilla game may not be up to our standards, but the ability to mod this game has improved it drastically. Trust me, the downloads users are pushing out now look close to life like and nothing like what the vanilla looks like. There are so many more kinds of fences, paths, benches;, building sets etc. that it's easy to create a realistic zoo. The download able animals on forums are endless, you're almost sure to find a good quality animal that you want online. Of course the guest coding and the animals may act "u naturally", but overall I think zt2 with user made downloads is by far the best zoo creation game out there.