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Devastating Drop In Tourists in Sri Lanka

Discussion in 'Sri Lanka' started by Jarkari, 6 Dec 2006.

  1. Jarkari

    Jarkari Well-Known Member

    24 Aug 2006
    Orange, NSW
    I have just been speaking to the owner of the property that the Millennium Elephant Foundation is on (Millennium Elephant Foundation in Sri Lanka) and she has said that usually this time of year their elephants are always out with tourists. The younger girls do safaris to pay for the free vet care this place provides for all of Sri Lankas domestic and wild population of Sri Lankan Elephants and so far i have seen an average of four tourists per day. Which won't even cover the mahouts wages let alone elephant food and the wages for the thirty other staff that keep this retirement sanctuary running. These animals are so beuatiful and I urge anyone that can spare a few dollars to send it their way or another way to help out is to volunteer here... the volunteer funds help keep this place running but even those numbers are down because of fear of the tamil tigers, which is unnecessary. It is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly, unlike india they aren't always after your money and will offer you directions even afetr you knock back their business. So please tell your friends and family an try help these guys out. They are the only elephant institute in Sri Lanka that is not government funded and they desparately need help or they will have to give the elephants back to their owners where they will be forced to work again (baby is the oldest elephant in sri lanka and possibly the world at 85 and her owners want her back to make her do safaris) so again please help. I have volunteered and also donated $2,500 and I am considering donating a large sum more when i get back to australia, but with the average wage being $5 per day and elephant food costing $11 per day (US) evry cent helps. Thanks guys I hope you can help.