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Doria's Tree-kangaroo

Discussion in 'Australia' started by kiglezi, 20 Jan 2009.

  1. kiglezi

    kiglezi Active Member

    19 Aug 2008
    Anyone here on the forum which know for how long the Dendrolagus dorianus was kept in Adelaide Zoo and Taronga Zoo?

    I know that Adelaide kept 1.2 in 1976, but I dont know anything past this date. And I know that Taronga kept 0.1 in 1979, but again I dont exactly for how long it was kept here. Would love to hear if it has been kept in any additional zoos in Australia.

    Any insight in which subspecies they keep would also be interesting, two possibilies really Dendrolagus. d. dorianus or D. d. notatus, maybe even both.
  2. Ara

    Ara Well-Known Member

    5 Jun 2007
    Sydney (Northern Suburbs)
    The only record I can find is from a book titled "Royal Zoological Society of South Australia 1878-1978" which states the following;
    "In 1974 four Doria's Tree Kangaroos Dendrolagus dorianus, were obtained from New Guinea. These produced a youngster in 1976 and appeared to have settled down much more quickly than other members of the genus. Unfortunately the whole group was wiped out in a matter of ten days or so by some undetermined toxic material introduced with their food."