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Mogo Zoo First visit

Discussion in 'Australia' started by KarenH, 6 Oct 2011.

  1. KarenH

    KarenH Member

    23 Aug 2010
    Melbourne, Vic, Australia
    I have been reading other posts about Mogo Zoo in this forum. I visited the township of Mogo 3yrs ago, saw but dismissed and ignored the Zoo sign. This year I found myself driving from Canberra to Mogo specifically for that purpose. I have recently heard many good things about Mogo Zoo and my visit didn't disappoint.

    I must admit the first section of the zoo is possibly still in its original condition. It is a long time since I had seen so many animals behind wires and in cages. My initial impression was not entirely favourable and I still think the zoo would benefit renovating its appearance near the entrance. I inspected the gibbons, servals, lions, tigers, tamarins and red pandas, took a few photos, examined and re-examined the map but somehow managed to miss a key path and got caught up what seemed to be a maze of walkways. A kind visitor eventually sorted me out.

    The second half of the zoo was a delight. Modern. No barriers. Good viewing. The chimp area was amazing. I was also amazed to read this area was opened several years ago - the one lone chimp on display looked very lonely in this huge area. Liked the primate islands and managed to catch up, not only with the siamang keep talk but catch glimpses of a 2 week old Siamang firmly clinging to Mum (the keeper explained this will be her final baby at the age of 30).

    Not sure that I liked watching the siamangs being issued with, eating from and then progressing to tear up red cardboard cups with 'Coke' emblazoned on them. The serval seemed to like her tyre swing but I thought something more naturalistic would have been the way to go. Similarly I was disappointed seeing a handful of dog toys in the dingo enclosure and was amazed to see signs encouraging customers to throw a coin or two into the otter pool, even though I am sure the cause and intention was good.

    Highlight of the day for me was watching the red pandas. I am used to seeing red blobs lounging so high in the branches of a tree, so high it makes it impossible to take a photograph and rarely moving. These guys were active! One was so active that I could not catch her with the camera running around and around her enclosure. I returned an hour later and, no, she was still going. I moved onto her neighbour next door who was not sleeeping under the shade cloth as would be expected but was entertaining the crowd by climbing ON TOP OF IT! I returned home with many great photos of red pandas and will post them here when I have a bit more time.

    For everyone's information, Mogo Zoo have a 2012 calendar for purchase. Great value at $9.95. The photos are amazing and a nice momento of my visit and a great gift idea. I picked up a copy.