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Flat-headed cats at Gelsenkirchen ?

Discussion in 'Germany' started by vogelcommando, 29 Sep 2015.

  1. vogelcommando

    vogelcommando Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
    fijnaart, the netherlands
    While I was looking for something completly different in some old Int. Zoo Yearbooks, my eye felt on the holding of Flat-headed cats in zoos during 1987. Only one single male is listed at it and was kept at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. In a small note below it was said that the animals was a breeding loan from Gelsenkirchen Zoo ( at that time known as the Ruhr Zoo ) in Germany.
    Because I was only aware of 5 European collections which have had this species in their collection ( in Germany Frankfurt and Wuppertal, in the Netherlands Rotterdam and Wassenaar and in the UK London ) I checked Zootierliste but Gelsenkirchen is even not mentioned on this (original ) German database !
    Because I've found the Int. Zoo Yearbook always quite relaible I would like to find out if the Ruhr Zoo Gelsenkirchen ever has had one or more Flat-headed cats, hope somebody can help !