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Frankfurt Apes

Discussion in 'Germany' started by ShonenJake13, 24 Feb 2015.

  1. ShonenJake13

    ShonenJake13 Well-Known Member 10+ year member

    18 Mar 2014
    Hey everyone!
    I've recently become interested in the groups of apes at Frankfurt, was wondering if anyone could help update me on their current statuses (as in who's who, pregnancies, names genders etc)?
    Currently I'm certain I'm up to date with the bonobo group; Kamiti (pregnant), Omanga, Zomi (pregnant), Sambo, Panisco, Kutu (pregnant), Pangi, Mixi, Tikala, Bashira, Margrit, Natalie, Nyota, Heri, Bili and Ludwig.
    I also know that the Sumatran orang-utans include Galdikas, Sirih, Rosa and Sayang, and that as of 2014 the gorilla group was Viatu, Jule, Rebecca, Sawa, Dian, Quembo and Shira?
    Can anyone update me? (particularly on the orang-utans, I only recently head Charly, one of my all time faves at Frankfurt alongside Ludwig and Viatu, passed away)
    Thanks! :D