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Future Expansions/Exhibits/Renovations at America's Zoo

Discussion in 'United States' started by GraysonDP, 13 Dec 2016.

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    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    I've tried to put together a list of all known planned exhibits, expansions and renovations happening at America's zoos in the next few years and what species they will contain. Also, I've tried to put some details about the exhibits if they can be found. Please add any exhibits or planned species you know about and also comment if you know a plan has been scrapped.

    Toledo Zoo

    1. $30 million River exhibit featuring hippos and grizzly bears scheduled to open in 2019. Hippos will have indoor and outdoor exhibits. Bears will be viewed through a dome-shaped viewing window.

    2. $4.25 million exploration exhibit featuring Galapagos tortoises as well as other animals discovered by British explores from the 1770s to 1830s in Australia, South America and the Caribbean. Slated to open in 2018.

    3. $22 million tiger exhibit on site of former Cheetah Valley next to a restaurant with large viewing windows. Slated to open in 2023.

    4. $1 basic open prairie exhibit for bison, pronghorn and coyotes on current site of Tiger Terrace. Scheduled to open in 2022.

    Potawatomi Zoo

    1. Open giraffe and okapi exhibits.

    2. Build new lion, tiger and snow leopard exhibits. Phase out Amur leopards.

    3. Add meerkat exhibit and relocate warthog and wild dog exhibits.

    4. Open new gibbon exhibit.

    5. Relocate takin, anteater and kangaroo exhbiits.

    6. Open black bear and wolf exhibits.

    7. Phase out camels and Ankole cattle.

    8. Open flamingo and penguin exhbiits.

    Roger Williams Park Zoo

    1. First $25 million phase will feature a rainforest building featuring birds, primates and reptiles from South America and a reptile house.

    2. Second $25 million phase will feature new exhibits for penguins and sea lions.

    3. Third $25 million phase will add tigers and gibbons to Marco Polo Trek. A new colobus monkey exhibit will open in Fabrics of Africa. North America will be redesigned with grizzly bears, moose and bighorn sheep.

    4. Zebra, wildebeest, camel, pronghorn and bison will be phased out.

    Oregon Zoo

    1. $22 million, 1.9 acre Polar Passage will open in 2019, a two-tiered habitat for polar bears featuring natural ground materials, shallow and deep pools and great viewing opportunities. Bears will be able to patrol their habitat as they do in the wild. Sun bears will be phased out to make room.

    2. Opening in 2020, the black rhinoceros exhibit will be renovated and expanded. Hippos will be phased out to make room for this addition.

    3. All of the primate building but Red Ape Reserve will be demolished and new exhibits will be built for chimpanzees and mandrills. Slated to open in 2020.

    4. Open new meshed tiger and leopard exhibits near elephants and orangutans.

    5. Close Stellar Cove and replace it with South American exhibit featuring Humboldt penguins, tapirs and monkeys.

    6. Open South American Tropical Forest Hub for South American primates, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

    San Diego Zoo

    1. $68 million, 8 acre Africa Rocks opens summer 2017. It will feature African penguins, Hamadryas baboons, leopards, vervet mnkeys, lemurs, ratels, fossas, ibex, Gelada baboons, dwarf crocodiles, klipspringers, hyrax and African birds.

    Milwaukee County Zoo

    1. New otter exhibit opening in 2017.

    2. $15.2 million African elephant exhibit complex opening in 2018. Wolves, moose, kangaroos and wallabies will be phased out to make room and grizzly bears will be moved to rotate with black bears. A mixed species exhibit featuring hoofstock such as bongo and duiker will be included as well.

    3. $6.9 million renovation to black rhinoceros exhibit.

    4. $9.6 million renovation and expansion to hippopotamus exhibit featuring underwater viewing.

    5. $17 million Alaska’s Cold Coast exhibit, presumably featuring polar/grizzly bears and seals/sea lions among others.

    Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

    1. $18 million, 11.5 acre Asian Highlands complex featuring tigers, leopards, takin, gaur, camels, red pandas, Komodo dragons and birds. Underwater viewing of tigers will be featured. Will take place on current forested hillside and will take a progression from the lower forest habitat of gaur to temperate forest of Amur tigers.

    2. Close down Cat Complex and Bear Canyon.

    3. $22 million Coastal Shores exhibit featuring polar bears and sea lions in 21900 sq ft and 18700 sq ft habitats. Sea lion exhibit.

    4. $4 million Equatorial Africa exhibits for okapis and red river hogs.

    San Diego Safari Park

    1. Walkabout Australia exhibit featuring kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, tree kangaroos and cassowaries.

    Denver Zoo

    1. Open $2.5 million Edge exhibit in 2017 showcasing tigers. It is the first phase of Asian Highlands, which will also include snow leopards, Amur leopards, Bactrian camels, wild horses, Pallas cats and birds. This will be on current hoofstock yards between Tropical Discovery and Toyota Elephant Passage.

    2. An African Savanna with species such as giraffes, zebras, black rhinoceros, okapi, bongo, gerenuk, hornbills, vultures and cranes. Guests can view species through baobab trees. This will be built on current hoofstock yards in the heart of the zoo. An African village and watering hole will be provided as well.

    3. Northern Shores will be overhauled and turned into Coastal complex naturalistic habitats for polar bears, sea lions, seals and sea eagles.

    4. Into the Wild exhibit which will be a very flexible exhibit with four distinct zones with a different theme. Species will include penguins, flamingos, cranes, songbirds, small cats, turtles, amphibians, condors and primates. One of the zones will be Perks of the Prairie which will feature prairie dogs, otters, beavers, cougars, lynx, wolverines, burrowing owls and reptiles.

    5. Presumably hippos, grizzly bears, kangaroos, Cape buffalo, cheetahs and other species will be phased out.

    Saint Louis Zoo

    1. Grizzly Ridge will open in summer 2017, providing home for grizzly bears.

    2. Current Red Rocks and Big Cat Country will be overhauled and turned into Silk Road. Featured species will include Amur tigers, Somali wild ass, Addra gazelles, addax, gorals, snow leopards, Pallas cats, red pandas, takins, Bactrian camels, Amur leopard, musk deer, sea otters, urials, cranes and possibly golden monkeys and giant pandas.

    3. Part of Historic Hill will be turned into Legends of the Forest. The current reptile and primate houses would be renovated to house exhibits from South America, flooded forest, Madagascar, Congo and Southeast Asia.

    4. Parking lot will be redeveloped into 13 acre Acacia Grasslands featuring a mixed species savanna for giraffes, zebras and antelope as well as exhibits for lions and meerkats.

    Sequoia Park Zoo

    1. Native Predators exhibit will feature existing Watershed Heroes and Bald Eagle Aviary as well as add black bears, cougars and other predators.

    2. Asian Forests will bring a gibbon xhibit to the zoo.

    3. Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot will include giant anteaters, capybaras and maned wolves.

    4. Prairie Keystone will feature prairie dogs.

    5. Island Adaptations will include ringtailed lemurs.

    Audubon Zoo

    1. $5 million, 12000 square foot African lion habitat scheduled to open in 2018 on site of current eland/Thomson’s gazelle exhibit. This will begin the redevelopment of the African region.

    2. $2.6 million Tropical Birdhouse Renovation.

    3. $2.6 million Jaguar Jungle phase II including night house for batsand other creatures.

    4. $5.1 million new tiger exhibit in Asian Domain region.

    Buffalo Zoo

    1. $2.5 million Reptile House renovation that will replace all of the current exhibits with modern habitats. It will also bring Komodo dragons to the zoo and is scheduled to open in 2017.

    2. Asian exhibit featuring snow leopards, red pandas and hoofstock.

    3. African Watering hole exhibit.

    4. Outdoor exhibits for lions, tigers, gorillas and crocodiles at the front of the Main Building.

    Zoo Atlanta

    1. $41 million Cyclorama exhibit that will expand the zoo by five acres and include a mixed species habitat for African elephants, giraffe and hoofstock as well as a new exhibit for rhinoceros.

    Louisville Zoo

    1. $2 million Primate forest/passages will open in 2020 it will be a network of overhead tunnels and a new area for gorillas. They will be enclosed by see-through.

    2. $25 million African Savanna scheduled to open in 2022. It will add new exhibits for lions, rhinos, giraffes and antelope and incorporate existing exhibits such as Elephant Encounter.

    3. $22 million Shark Conservation Institute scheduled to open in 2024. Featuring two species of shark and stingrays.

    4. $10 million Crocatorium scheduled to open in 2026. It wil feature two crocodile tanks near HerpAquarium

    5. $12 million Kentucky Trails scheduled in 2027. It will be on 18 acres of undeveloped land and include bison, elk, deer, bears, cougars, coyotes, raccoons and bald eagles.

    Fort Worth Zoo

    1. Scheduled to open in 2018 on an undeveloped part of zoo property, the African Savanna will include watering holes showcasing giraffes, black rhinoceros, flamingos, zebras and antelope. Also, there will be a hippo river.

    2. Scheduled to open in 2020, Elephant Springs will almost double the size of the elephant habitat and feature a 50000 gallon pool. Indian rhinoceros will live next to them.

    3. Opening in 2022, Hunters of Africa and Asian Predators will feature lions, tigers, cheetahs, striped hyenas, clouded leopards, leopards and wild dogs.

    4. Opening in 2025, Forest and Jungles will feature new habitats for bongos, orangutans and jaguars as well as bring okapi to the zoo.

    Dallas Zoo

    1. $13.5 million, 3.5 acre Simmons Hippo Outpost will be an immersive African waterhole habitat for hippos with an underwater viewing. Okapis, red river hogs and saddle-billed storks will also be included.

    Columbus Zoo

    1. Sea lion and seal exhibits in two large pools near the entrance.

    2. Renovation to gorilla, bonobo and orangutan exhibits.

    3. North America turned into the Americas featuring spider and squirrel monkeys, parrots and anteaters among others.

    4. Meerkats will be added to Heart of Africa.

    5. Indian rhinoceros will be added to Pachyderms.

    Cincinnati Zoo

    1. $12 million Gorilla World expansion opens in 2017. It will contain a brand new 4350 square foot naturalistic indoor exhibit that will allow gorillas to be on exhibit year round. New off exhibit holding areas will be built as well and the colobus monkey exhibit will be expanded to 1175 square feet.

    Greenville Zoo

    1. New 10,000 square foot tiger exhibit alongside renovated Asian bear, orangutan and Amur leopard exhibits creating Asian forest.

    2. Lion exhibit will be renovated.

    3. New tropical rainforest building.

    4. Renovation of reptile and nocturnal building.

    John Ball Zoo

    1. New 8300 square foot black bear exhibit by entrance. A new cougar exhibit will be built as well.

    2. Lemur Habitat and Primate Trails will open new exhibits for lemurs and monkeys as well as aviaries.

    3. Forest Realm will include snow leopards, wolves and red pandas.

    4. Tropics Building will be renovated and walkthrough aviary and new Komodo dragon exhibit will be built outside.

    5. Western Valley will have camel rides and three new primate exhibits.

    6. African wild dogs will be added to Africa.

    Akron Zoo

    1. Renovation to Tiger Valley with new exhibits for lions and tigers.

    2. New exhibits for primates such as gibbons and colobus monkeys.

    3. Distant plans for an African Plains exhibit possibly including rhinoceros.

    4. Possibly an orangutan exhibit.

    El Paso Zoo

    1. Possibly add wild dogs to Passport to Africa.

    2. New Chihuahan Desert exhibit featuring jaguars, cougars, wolves, pronghorn, peccaries, ocleots, chuckwallas, roadrunners, parrots and owls. Jaguars and cougars will rotate. Scheduled to open in 2018.

    3. Americas will be redesigned and add Andean bears, giant anteaters, flamingos and squirrel monkeys in 2022. Penguin exhibit will have an underwater viewing.

    4. Sea lion exhibit will be renovated.

    5. Indian rhinoceros, Komodo dragon, langur, Asian small clawed otter and red panda will be added to Asia. Elephants will most likely be phased out. Leopard, tapir and tiger exhibits will be renovation. Otters and langurs will share an exhibit.

    Houston Zoo

    1. Sea lion pool will be replaced, possibly phasing out the species or building a new habitat.

    2. Giraffe exhibit will expanded.

    3. New shoebill stork exhibit.

    4. Phase III of African Forest including hippos, crocodiles and bongos.

    5. Expanded Asian elephant exhibit will open in 2017.

    San Antonio Zoo

    1. $1 million renovation of jaguar exhibit opening in 2017.

    Tulsa Zoo

    1. $21 million, 5 acre Lost Kingdom will open in spring 2017. Architecture will be inspired by ancient Asian cultures. Tigers and snow leopards are the stars with a tiger bridge allowing the cats to cross over pathways. Habitats for red pandas, binturongs, siamang and Komodo dragons will also be featured.

    2. Asian elephant exhibit will be greatly expanded.

    3. African Forest will have a new habitat for chimpanzees as well as bring gorillas to the zoo.

    4. Wild Islands will have new exhibits for flamingos, lemurs and Aldabra tortoises.

    Detroit Zoo

    1. New jaguar exhibit.

    2. New snow leopard exhibit.

    3. New pygmy hippopotamus exhibit.

    Woodland Park Zoo

    1. $3 million Night exhibit will reopen in 2018. It will feature nocturnal species such as fruit bats, sloths and small primates.

    2. A new Asian exhibit will open on site of former Elephant Forest. One option is Asian Wildlife Living in Social Groups featuring a habitat for langurs and muntjacs, an exhibit for gaurs and sambar deer and a walkthrough exhibit for songbirds. Another is Wild Diversity of Asia, which would include gibbons, muntjacs, babirusas, sambar deer and turtles. Last, Wildlife Icons of Asia would star Indian rhinoceros as well as feature sambar deer, rhinoceros hornbill, peacock pheasant, mountain tortoise and anoa.

    3. Hippo exhibit will be drained and turned into a wild pig exhibit, probably for red river hogs. Also a 3000 square foot leopard or hyrax exhibit and 500 suare foot meerkat exhibit will be added to African Plains. Most significantly a new hippopotamus exhibit with underwater viewing will be added.

    4. A new cougar exhibit will be built in Temperate Forest.

    5. 4.6 acre Asian Highlands exhibit complex will include snow leopards, gorals, takin, red pandas, Asian bears, blue sheep, Pallas cats, cranes, pheasants and snub-nsosed monkeys.

    6. Desert exhibit featuring peccaries, roadrunners and hummingbirds.

    7. New exhibits for tree kangaroos, cassowaries and Komodo dragons as well as a walkabout for kangaroos, wallabies and emus.

    Brookfield Zoo

    1. Komodo dragons will be added to the collection.

    2. Baboon Island will be redeveloped as a Japanese macaque exhibit.

    3. A modern African elephant exhibit will be opened on undeveloped land in the property.

    4. Pinniped Point will be renovated.

    5. Outdoor exhibits for gorillas and orangtuans.

    6. Asian exhibit for tigers, Amur leopards, snow leopards, takin, Bactrian camels and reindeer.

    7. New lion exhibit near Habitat Africa.

    Nashville Zoo

    1. White rhinoceros herd will debut in spring 2017. They will co-exist with wildebeest and cranes.

    2. New spider monkey exhibit will open in early spring 2017. They will be viewed through treetops.

    3. Andean bear exhibit will open in late spring 2017. Pudus, sloths, guinea pigs and marmosets as well as a Peruvian lodge will be nearby.

    4. Renovated tiger exhibit will open in summer 2017.

    5. Giant otters and Humboldt penguins will be added to Bamboo Trail.

    6. 40 acre African Savanna featuring elephants, zebras, lions, cheetahs, hippos and antelope.

    7. African Forest including okapi, mandrills, bongos, guenons, red river hogs and gorillas.

    Caldwell Zoo

    1. $6.7 million African Overlook renovation will open in spring 2017 and include a new elephant yard with a pool and a giraffe feeding deck.
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    24 May 2015
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    Cameron Park Zoo

    1. Eventually gorillas, bonobos and/or baboons will be added to the collection.

    Ellen Trout Zoo

    1. A $6 million gorilla habitat dotted with trees will open in 2017 or 2018.

    Abilene Zoo

    1. New exhibits for flamingos, jaguars and giant anteaters.

    2. Madagascar exhibit including lemurs, fossa, birds and radiated tortoises.

    3. Australian exhibit including wallabies, black swan, aviary and sheep station.

    Jackson Zoo

    1. Expanded African section featuring giraffes, lions, hyenas, baboons and warthogs.

    2. New exhibits for wolves, eagles, orangutans, gibbons, leopards, fishing cats and Malayan tapirs.

    3. South American region featuring jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, capybaras, monkeys and topical birds.

    4. Tropical rainforest building.

    Little Rock Zoo

    1. Bear and small carnivore areas will be replaced.

    2. A new otter exhibit will open in the heart of the zoo.

    3. Bird House will be remodeled as a Aquatorium.

    4. South America will include jaguars, spider monkeys, giant anteaters and maned wolves.

    5. Gibbon exhibit will be renovated.

    6. Asian elephant exhibit will be greatly expanded, incorporating a lake.

    7. Small carnivore/bear areas will become Asia, home to tigers and sloth bears.

    8. Africa will include lions, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, caracals, servals, greater kudu, Ankole cattle and monkeys.

    9. New sea lion exhibit will open.

    Rosamond Gifford Zoo

    1. $5 million giraffe exhibit will open in 2018.

    2. $7 million gibbon/Asian small clawed otter exhibit will open in 2020.

    Seneca Park Zoo

    1. Main Zoo Building will be replaced by Tropical Complex featuring gorillas, DeBrazza’s monkeys, colobus monkeys, orangutans and lemurs.

    2. Step Into Africa will be expanded with new exhibits for giraffes, white rhinos, red river hogs, meerkats, mongoose, zebra and hoofstock.

    3. Cold Asia will include tigers, snow leopards, red pandas and wolves.

    Pittsburgh Zoo

    1. Jungle Trails will feature pygmy hippos, anteaters, ocelots, capybaras and fossas. It should open in 2017.

    2. A reptile house will open in Top of the World area as well as new exhibits for snow leopards and orangutans.

    Oklahoma City Zoo

    1. $13.5 million Asian Expedition is scheduled to open in 2019. Featured animals will include Indian rhinoceros, Komodo dragons and red pandas. Rhinos and elephants might roam together.

    2. Pachyderm yards will be turned into an African exhibit.

    3. Tropical Forest Conservatory will be an indoor rainforest.

    4. Aquatics will be renovated and expanded, possibly including sharks and jellyfish.

    Knoxville Zoo

    1. $10 million, 1.6-acre Tiger Forest will open in spring 2017. Its centerpiece is a 17500 square foot tiger habitat with underwater viewing. A new gibbon exhibit will be included as well and langurs will be added to the collection.

    2. A new reptile house will be built.

    Point Defiance Zoo

    1. Asian elephants will be replaced with Indian rhinoceros.

    2. North Pacific Aquarium will be replaced with a modern aquarium.

    3. Renovate Rocky Shores.

    4. Build a new polar bear exhibit.

    5. Potential South American region featuring jaguars, spider monkeys, New world monkeys, ocelots, toucans, vultures, condors and boas.

    6. Potential Australian area featuring kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats and Bali mynahs.

    7. Potential Russian Far East exhibit featuring Amur leopard, Pallas cat, musk deer, goral, sea eagle and white-naped crane.

    Calgary Zoo

    1. $8 million Land of the Lemurs will open in 2017. It will feature a walkthrough lemur exhibit.

    2. Some minor renovations will be made to Destination Africa, particularly the lion exhibit.

    3. Giant pandas will be at the zoo from 2018 to 2023 and their exhibit will be turned into a habitat for orangutans.

    4. The western part of Prehistoric Park will be redeveloped as Beyond the Great Wall, featuring exhibits for macaques and takins. Eventually tigers will be relocated to this region.

    5. Pinnipeds will be built next to Penguin Plunge and house seals and sea lions.

    6. A 1.5 acre Tropical House will be built with an indoor rainforest for primates, birds and reptiles.

    7. Canadian Wilds will be renovated.

    Toronto Zoo

    1. An orangutan complex will open with an outdoor exhibit.

    2. Canadian Domain will be renovated.

    3. Americas Pavilion will be turned to Tropical America.

    Erie Zoo

    1. Capybara yard will be redeveloped as a $600000 lion exhibit opening in spring 2017.

    2. Bears will be added to the zoo’s collection.

    Turtle Back Zoo

    1. Lions and spotted hyenas will be added to the zoo’s collection and exhibited next to the giraffe house. The $3.7 million exhibit will open in spring 2017.

    2. $1.1 million condor exhibit will open next to the penguins in spring 2017.

    3. Viewing areas for wolves will be improved.

    Franklin Park Zoo

    1. Asian exhibit including orangutans, Komodo dragons and Indian rhinos might be added.

    Buttonwood Park Zoo

    1. Indian rhinoceros will replace Asian elephants.

    2. Asian exhibit featuring tigers, snow leopards and Amur leopards will be added.

    3. South American exhibit will include jaguars, anteaters, pudus, bushdogs and spider monkeys.

    Bronx Zoo

    1. Asian elephants and polar bears will most likely be phased out.

    2. Giraffe feeding will be added to African Plains.

    Queens Zoo

    1. Jaguar exhibit will be added.

    Prospect Park Zoo

    1. Amur leopard exhibit will be built.

    Staten Island Zoo

    1. $8.5 million aquarium renovation will open in 2018.

    Cape May County Zoo

    1. New primate exhibits will be built for DeBrazza’s monkeys, howler monkeys and moe.

    Lehigh Valley Zoo

    1. A giraffe exhibit will open in 2017.

    Brandywine Zoo

    1. A new tamarin exhibit will be built.

    2. Rainforest building will be added.

    Salisbury Zoo

    1. Australian bird exhibits will be added.

    2. New enclosures for reptiles will be built.

    Maryland Zoo

    1. Bobcat exhibit in Maryland Wilderness next to otters will open in spring 2017.

    2. Black bears and bald eagles are scheduled to eventually be added to Maryland Wilderness.

    3. Elephant exhibit and barn will be renovated.

    4. A seal exhibit will be added to Central Plaza.

    5. Eventually a South American section will be added.

    National Zoo

    1. In 2020, the former Bird House will open remodeled as Experience Migration. It will focus on the migration of birds in the Western Hemisphere.

    2. Amazonia and Great Cats will be renovated.

    3. Takins will be added to the zoo.

    4. Great Ape House will be knocked down.

    5. Eventually giraffes and rhinos will return.
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    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Virginia Zoo

    1. White rhinoceros will be put in former African elephant exhibit.

    2. World of Reptiles will open as a $2.6 million renovation of the former reptile house doubling the size.

    North Carolina Zoo

    1. $25 million Asia/Australia complex will be opened at the zoo, part of it replacing the African Pavilion. It will include tigers, orangutans, kangaroos, koalas, gibbons, binturongs, red pandas, snow leopards and kookaburras.

    Jacksonville Zoo

    1. Manatee Care Center will be built on zoo property.

    2. Hippos will be added to Plains of East Africa.

    3. Great Apes of the World will be renovated to have a Congo theme.

    Central Florida Zoo

    1. A black bear exhibit will open in the near future.

    Lowry Park Zoo

    1. Lions will be added to Safari Africa.

    2. Primates of the World will be remodeled and add gorillas and bonobos.

    3. A Latin America area will feature jaguars, giant anteaters, macaws and giant otters.

    Philadelphia Zoo

    1. The African Plains habitats will be renovated and connected together creating a mixed species environment. They can rotate through each other’s exhibits and go to an African watering hole exhibit through trails.

    Naples Zoo

    1. A new Komodo dragon exhibit will be built.

    2. A new South American rainforest exhibit will open.

    Zoo Miami

    1. African elephant exhibit will be expanded and renovated.

    2. Serengeti exhibit has been proposed.

    Birmingham Zoo

    1. Eventually Trails of Africa’s elephant habitat will be a mixed species exhibit including rhinos, giraffes, zebras and antelope.

    2. $18 million Asian Passage will feature tigers, orangutans, siamang, gibbons, red pandas, Komodo dragons and birds. It is scheduled to open in 2018.

    Chattanooga Zoo

    1. Giraffe exhibit and barn will open in 2018.

    2. Lion exhibit will have a waterfall and stream feature.

    Binder Park Zoo

    1. Lion and African wild dogs will open in Wild Africa spring 2017.

    Potter Park Zoo

    1. Central Asian Grasslands and Lake Balkai will feature tigers, snow leopards, Pallas cats, takins, tufted deer, camels, red pandas, muntjacs and pheasants.

    2. Lake Tanganyika will feature lions, okapis, greater kudus, dik diks, ostriches, meerkats, mandrills, lemurs and colobus monkeys.

    3. Rio Condor and Andean Lakes will feature Andean bears, penguins, condors, guanacos, tapirs, pudus and maned wolves.

    4. Michigan Central Hardwood Forests will feature cougars, eagles and foxes.

    Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

    1. $7 million Australian Adventure renovation will open in spring 2017. It includes kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and dingos.

    Mesker Park Zoo

    1. A $5 million Humboldt penguin exhibit will be built.

    2. A bird aviary will be built.

    3. An African savanna could include giraffes, zebras, lions, hippos and antelope.

    Peoria Zoo

    1. A flamingo exhibit will open in the near future.

    Henson Robinson Zoo

    1. New otter exhibit.

    2. Australian Building.

    3. New birds of pretty exhibit.

    Scovill Zoo

    1. An otter exhibit will be built near the center of the zoo.

    2. An alligator exhibit will be built.

    Miller Park Zoo

    1. African exhibits for Debrazza’s monkeys, lemurs, fossas and sifakas.

    2. New sea lion exhibit with underwater vieiwing.

    3. New river otter exhibit with underwater viewing.

    4. Reindeer will be added to the children’s zoo.

    5. South American exhibits such as Galapagos tortoise, giant anteater, bush dog, tayra, peccary and Andean bear will be added to the zoo’s collection.

    6. Animal Building will be remodeled to be the centerpiece of a new Asian exhibit. The complex will include orangutans, snow leopards, tigers, Malayan tapirs, gibbons, langurs, red pandas, Pallas catss, vultures, Asian deer, Asian cattle, muntjacs and birds. (Aren’t orangs a bit of a stretch for this zoo?)

    7. Australia will hve new exhibits for tree kangaroos, cassowaries and little blue penguins.

    Lincoln Park Zoo

    1. $30 million Kovler Lion House renovation will completely redo the ancient structure. All the outdoor yards will be turned into a cohesive, modern lion exhibit and the interior will give the pride a modern space. Tigers and other cats will be phased out to make way for the renovation.

    Henry Vilas Zoo

    1. Rhinos will be returning to the zoo in 2017.

    2. Upgraded tiger and lion exhibits as well as additions of snow leopards and clouded leopards are possibilities.

    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    1. New exhibits for gorillas, grizzly bears and pinnipeds are possibilities.

    Alexandria Zoo

    1. African Experience Phase II.

    Gladys Porter Zoo

    1. The Children’s Zoo will be renovated.

    2. A jaguar exhibit will be built.

    3. A nocturnal walkthrough exhibit will be built.

    Minnesota Zoo

    1. Prairie’s Edge will include new exhibits for bison, pronghorn and prairie dogs closer to the entrance near Tropics Trail and Discovery Bay.

    2. A new macaque exhibit enclosed in a tall mesh tent will be built. Artificial and real tree trunks will provide climbing and resting opportunities for the monkeys.

    3. The former dolphin exhibit might be turned into a rocky coast habitat for California sea lions or an icy one for walruses.

    4. Northern Trail will be redeveloped as Asian Trail. Many of the existing exhibits but red pandas, snow leopards, sea eagles, red pandas, onagers, arctic fox, muxk deer, tufted deer and markhors will be added. Muxk ox will be phased out.

    5. Former musk ox exhibit will be used to build part of Africa Trail. Giraffes, white rhinos, antelope and ostriches will live in a large habitat on the lake, flamingos will live in a marshlike setting, mandrills and red river hogs will share a habitat, hippos will roam a large pool and meadow and lions will have a kopje habitat. Sitatunga, swamp monkeys, spotted necked otters, warthogs, meerkats, zebras, bongos, hyrax, secretary birds, cheetahs, wild dogs and gerenuks will be present as well.

    6. Tropics Trail will be extensively renovated and feature indoor/outdoor exhibits for orangutans, siamangs and Malayan tapirs. Asian small clawed-otters, warty pigs, spider monkeys, capybaras, coatis, bats and South American birds will be included as well.

    Como Park Zoo

    1. $14 million sea lion exhibit will open in upcoming years.

    Lake Superior Zoo

    1. Former Polar Shores will be turned into a grizzly bear exhibit.

    2. Forest Discovery will include elk, wolf, lynx, birds of prey, fox, wolverine and raven.

    Blank Park Zoo

    1. A gorilla exhibit will be built past the rhinos and a new giraffe yard will be added in addition to the current one.

    2. Lions will be moved over to Africa. Wild dogs, mandrills and colobus monkeys will also be added to the region.

    3. Big cats area will be renovated just to have Asian cats.

    Kansas City Zoo

    1. Land around former Great Ape House will become Predator Canyon, possibly featuring tigers.

    2. Congo loop might be closed and gorillas are brought close to the main loop. (REALLY hope this doesn’t happen!)

    3. African elephant exhibit will be expanded.

    4. Sea lions will get a renovated exhibit.
  4. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Lee Richardson Zoo

    1. $1.4 million monkey exhibit will be built, more than doubling the space.

    2. Tigers will eventually return to the zoo.

    Topeka Zoo

    1. Otter and gibbon exhibits will be built near the entrance.

    2. Giraffe and hippo exhibits will be greatly expanded.

    3. Elephant Reserve will be a modern, much larger habitat for the pachyderms.

    4. Discovering Apes will become an Asian region with tigers, orangutans, snow leopards and small Asian primates. Gorillas will be phased out.

    5. Camp Cowabunga will have new exhibits for lions, wild dogs, patas monkeys and baboons.

    Brevard Zoo

    1. Australasia is being renovated and will open again in 2017. It will now feature Komodo dragons and a much more engaging kangaroo exhibit.

    Sunset Zoo

    1. $2.5 million Expedition Asia will open in 2018 and contain new habitats for tigers, sloth bears and Amur leopards.

    Sedgwick County Zoo

    1. An aquarium and sea lion exhibit will be built near Penguin Cove.

    2. Crocodile and Komodo dragon exhibits will be built outside Reptile and Amphibian building.

    3. North America will be renovated by adding space to the black bear exhibit and new enclosures for cougars and bobcats.

    4. Asia will be expanded with Indian rhinoceros, sloth bears, macaques, snow leopards, an aviary and new exhibit for Amur leopards.

    5. African Veldt will be remodeled with new exhibits for giraffes, zebras, black rhinoceros, crocodiles, hippopotamus, antelope and baboons.

    6. In South America, giant anteaters and Andean bears will get new exhibits. Gibbons will be added near Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat.

    Lincoln Children’s Zoo

    1. The zoo will almost double in size.

    Great Plains Zoo

    1. Lions are scheduled to come back to the zoo around 2020. They will live in a $6 million exhibit.

    Bramble Park Zoo

    1. Lions, cougars, beavers, meerkats and zebras will be brought to the zoo.

    Dakota Zooo

    1. New exhibits for penguins, meerkats, red pandas and black bears.

    Chahinkapa Zoo

    1. Zebra exhibit will be renovated.

    2. Eventually a white rhinoceros exhibit will be built.

    Rio Grande Zoo

    1. $7 million Antarctic penguin exhibit is scheduled to open in 2018.

    2. Cat exhibits will become much larger and they will be able to rotate between habitats.

    3. New polar bear exhibit will be built.

    4. South American exhibit will be added.

    Phoenix Zoo

    1. Africa Trail will be enhanced

    2. Tropics Trail will be renovated.

    Reid Park Zoo

    1. Pygmy hippopotamus exhibit with underwater viewing will be added. Crocodiles and otters will also be featured.

    2. Meerkat and gibbon exhibits will open in 2017.

    Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

    1. A jaguar exhibit will be added.

    Living Desert

    1. Lion Ridge will bring lions to the zoo.

    2. Rhinos will be exhibited nearby.

    3. A 200,000 gallon shark tank will be built.

    4. Wallabies will be added to the collection.

    Santa Barbara Zoo

    1. Asian elephants will eventually be phased out.

    2. Tigers will return to the zoo.

    Santa Ana Zoo

    1. Giant otter exhibit will open in 2018.

    Fresno Chaffee Zoo

    1. African Adventure will expand with African River exhibit featuring hippos and crocodiles in 2018.

    2. Gorillas eventually might come back to the zoo.

    3. Tiger and sloth bear exhibits will be renovated.

    4. Warthogs will be moved to African Adventure.

    Charles Paddock Zoo

    1. New exhibits for tigers, lemurs and fossas.

    2. Okapis, pygmy hippos, Andena bears, sifakas and gibbons are scheduled to come. (Could they maybe be a bit more realistic?)

    San Francisco Zoo

    1. Chimpanzee exhibit will be renovated and orangutans will return to the zoo.

    2. New squirrel monkey exhibit will be built.

    3. New exhibits for lions, tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, wild dogs, red pandas, Andean bears, bald eagles and mandrills all possibilities.

    Oakland Zoo

    1. $61.5 million, 20 acre California Trail will open in 2018. Featured species will include grizzly bears, bison, jaguars, condors, black bears, cougars, wolves and bald eagles.
  5. kiang

    kiang Well-Known Member

    12 Aug 2007
    Epic posting!!!!
  6. snowleopard

    snowleopard Well-Known Member Premium Member

    1 Dec 2007
    Abbotsford, B.C., Canada
    Thanks very much for posting such a fantastic list of upcoming exhibits. There are many possible new exhibits that are far into the future but you've also accumulated an incredible number of zoo changes on a single thread. An excellent read!
  7. Andrew_NZP

    Andrew_NZP Well-Known Member

    20 Mar 2016
    Maryland, USA
    Does anyone know more about this? I remember a few years ago they tried to get Bhutan takin but that fell through and I haven't heard anything about this project in a few years.
  8. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Also forgot to include:
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
    $10 million new habitats for hippos and penguins will open in 2018.
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  9. steno

    steno Member

    9 Dec 2016
    Wow, very comprehensive! Thank you for this!

    I haven't seen anything regarding Columbus and sea lions since they didn't get funding in 2014. Is there new news about it?

    Didn't this become Monk Seals?

    Really excited about so many facilities starting to display wild dogs and okapi :)
  10. jibster

    jibster Well-Known Member

    28 Apr 2015
    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    I posted a response to this same set of posts in the general forum, but I don't think that any of the Columbus Zoo's additions to the list have been officially announced (perhaps the enhancements to the ape exhibits). The sea lions and the transition of North America to the Americas were both proposals accompanying the failed 2014 levy, and as I noted in the other thread, the Americas transition is unlikely to occur anytime in the near future as the Zoo just completed some major renovations to North America this summer.
  11. Zooplantman

    Zooplantman Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2008
    New York, USA
    Remember that much of this list is vague wishlists from the zoos based on past Master Plans. Usually only small number of such things get built. Priorities change, funding comes in earmarked for something else. So if it isn't currently in the pipeline it may not happen. Or maybe it will. And there are many cool things in the pipeline that don't get announced until there are actual plans and funding in hand.
  12. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    The reason I included pinnipeds is that I saw an article earlier this year about Columbus Zoo officials scouting out Sea Lion Cove at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo because they were in the early stages of planning a pinniped exhibit.
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  13. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    That's why I tried to specify which exhibits are set in stone, have funding, have release dates and/or have already broken ground.
  14. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Of these renovations which ones are you most excited about? For me I'd say Simmons Hippo Outpost (Dallas), Africa Rocks (San Diego), Cyclorama (Atlanta), Silk Road (Saint Louis) and Asia/Australia (North Carolina).
  15. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    My favorite animals are elephants and gorillas but I'm skeptical of the quality to be found next year at Ellen Trout (gorillas) and the year after at Milwaukee (elephants). Tembo Trail at Toledo was a bit of a cheat- it still feels like it was built in the 80s with a bit of modernization. However, Gorillas of the African Forest was really impressive when I visited Houston this August and I will be checking out the elephant exhibit at Omaha and possibly Sedgwick in May and am curious to see how those live up to the cream of the crop (I've been to Dallas and NC so I feel I will be able to judge if they're among the very best.) One thing I'm curious about is why no one seems to be building chimpanzee exhibits anymore. They're a hugely popular animal and endangered charismatic megafauna yet Houston is the only zoo in the past ten years I can think of that's built a new chimp exhibit and only Oregon, Tulsa and possibly San Francisco have plans to bring new exhibits for them.
  16. Zooplantman

    Zooplantman Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2008
    New York, USA
    Not coincidentally Toledo was a re-do/improvement on an old existing exhibit while Houston was a brand new exhibit. Both designed by the same firm, btw
  17. jibster

    jibster Well-Known Member

    28 Apr 2015
    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    I saw this too - but didn't give it much weight, as it seems any planned exhibit would be a ways in the future. I am also not sure that any future exhibit would be located in the entry area that was set for the exhibit under the failed levy. Thanks for the list though - always helpful to see what is coming/rumored/planned even if some of it never comes to fruition. Did you have anything more concrete on any of the other Columbus plans (i.e., anything beyond the failed-levy plans for the Americas)?
  18. jayjds2

    jayjds2 Well-Known Member

    10 Nov 2015
    Virginia, USA
    For Dallas Zoo:

    There are rumors about both orangutans and rhinos. I only heard about the orangutans from this site but a volunteer at the zoo said rhinos would likely be exhibited once more within ten years.

    Additionally, the zoo is considering building a new primate exhibit. A while back they took swamp and Mona monkeys off exhibit (spectacled langurs are in their place). I haven't heard any news on the matter since then, though.
  19. pachyderm pro

    pachyderm pro Well-Known Member

    23 Aug 2016
    The City of Big Shoulders
    Many of the Brookfield zoo expansions are outdated from the old uncompleted master plan. It would seem strange to already move the reindeer sense they just got a new exhibit like a year and a half ago.

    If you check this video and read the comment section ( ) The zoo talks a short few sentences about how they are developing a new master plan. They hinted at renovation of older buildings in the zoo and outdoor habitats for tropic world. There is also rumor that Komodo dragons would be added as stated, as well as rumor of a new elephant exhibit in either undeveloped land, or possibly the hoofstock paddocks. I would easily be the most happy man alive if just one of these rumors came true.
  20. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    So would I. Brookfield should be a much better zoo than one that has apes inside 24/7 365 days a year with no sunlight and the city of Chicago needs elephants.
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