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    Yes, that's the name of the species
    The Monkey or Madidi Titi is a New World monkey species ranging from the Andes in Peru to Bolivia. The name comes from the Golden Palace Casino which paid $650,000 USD to access naming rights for the species.
    The species was discovered by a team working with WCS New York (who work with Bronx Zoo) surveying the Madidi area. They discovered this new species of Titi monkey and decided to hold an auction online to decide who could name the new species. The naming rights almost went to Ellen Degeneres but Golden Palace Online Casino outbid her. All of the money went to conservation in the Madidi region.
    While normally I don't like the commercialization of the environment this is an amazing idea. While yes it is a bit silly to have animals named after casinos it really doesn't matter when they donate that much to conservation.
    Website for the Monkey: - The Official Site of the Golden Palace Monkey
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